Why it pays to hire an experienced Search Engine Optimisation Company

The internet is constantly changing and adapting to the needs of the world, and with those changes comes the need for businesses to adapt they way they function and advertise using the web.

For people running a business, keeping up with the every change of the internet is not an easy task nor is it a priority for them, but it is needed if they want their online marketing to remain relevant and successful.

Therefore hiring an experience SEO company is a worthwhile option for businesses, as the company make it their business to know the up to the minute changes of Google and the web, and translate this into effective new strategies for their clients.


Search engine optimisation companies have a bad name due to the many that operate on ‘guarantees’ and over promise what they just cannot possibly deliver.

The truth is when it comes to SEO there are no guarantees, only ‘goals’ and ‘expectations’ to work towards.

An experienced SEO company cannot and should not offer you a guaranteed outcome, but will be able to forecast the expected goal with a relative time frame based on their experience and your company’s personal situation.

Legal Requirements and Standards

Hiring a professional SEO company, they not only know the latest changes that are coming to the internet and search engines, but they also know what the basic standards are for online presence.

For example, simply copying and pasting copyrighted images and content from Google with no permission or reference will not only get you in trouble with Google, but it could also land you in court as you are responsible for the content that is on your website, no matter who put it there.

An experienced SEO company would know all of this, and take the necessary steps to ensure your website meets all the legal requirements and search engine standards.

They Know What’s Best

They also know how to gain Google’s trust. Rather than rocket you to the top with unethical ‘black hat SEO’ tactics and cheap quick fixes, only for you to come crashing straight back down with severe penalties from Google, they will ensure you take the ethical and deserving route to the top.

They know what makes a site worthy of high search rankings in Google’s eyes, from engaging and well written content to unique tags and quality links.

So investing in an Experienced SEO Company will not only save you time, effort and money, it will also save your website’s reputation and put you in good standing with Google for life.

How to achieve top search engine rankings quickly and for free

Yes, there are ways to beat the system and get fast and free high search rankings, through growing low quality links fast and furiously. Through doing this however you would not be practicing ethical SEO, something Google frowns upon, and is not cracking down hard on.

So although it can be done, there are great risks and it isn’t necessarily worth it, as if you get caught by Google the penalties are severe.

If you want to climb the Google ladder and get high search rankings in a slow and steady but ethical way, a way that wins Google’s trust and has ample benefits in the long run, here is how its done:

Quality Link Building

Whereas the unethical SEO way goes down the route of quantity and sacrifices quality, the ethical SEO way does the complete opposite.

Google rewards link building, but people took that the wrong way and for over a decade decided to build thousands of links, regardless of quality, thinking that was what would help them soar to the top SERP (search engine ranking page) and fast.

However what Google actually meant was link building is good when the links are quality, and actually bring something of use to the site.

A link to a badly written article that is purely there for the links is a low quality link.

A link to a well written article on a reputable site that is relevant to the website its linked to is a high quality link. Just having one of these high quality links will get you further with Google than 100 of these low quality links.

Try to aim to build one new quality link a day, and you will be well on your way to the top page of Google in no time!

Content Marketing

Another thing Google praises is content, but again it needs to be of high quality and purposeful. If content is badly written and over optimised, and quite obviously just there for SEO purposes then it will no longer be considered by Google’s search algorithms.

If however the content is useful and interesting, relevant and weighted properly with the right keywords, it will get you far.

Ensure you are posting this content on quality website(s), but beware that the sites are reputable; as if they have a bad reputation with Google they could damage yours.

Social Media Marketing

Social media now also has a good impact on your SEO. Posting regular links to relevant content on social media channels, as well as engaging with your audience will improve your reputation with Google and help you build more links.

So it may take longer than fast and furious link building, but overall slow and steady will always win the race, so get ahead with ethical SEO and watch your website climb the Google ladder.

Social media marketing: How to build a buzz online

In the age of digital, one thing that seems to have both enchanted and baffled companies the most is social media and how to effectively use it. Social media is one of the top tools that should be in any company’s marketing tool box, and there are plenty of online marketing agencies offering their services in this area.

However, before you take the plunge, here is a guide to how social media can be used to create a buzz online:

Listening Carefully Is Key

Social media is a large conversation, and as with any form on conversation it is wise to listen to what is being discussed before diving in. So before a company starts posting on social media and trying to gain loyal followers and shares, it is imperative that they to listen to what your target audience are buzzing off currently.

There will be similar themes, opinions and tones recurring throughout the buzz, which will give some insight into the target audience and give an advantage. This can be used tailor your company’s social media voice to fit in with that of your target audience.

Be Professional with Personality

The key is in the name ‘social media’. It’s a place where people want to communicate and connect with other people, not brands. However, if your brand is seen to have a personality, it is far more accepted by the community.

Each company needs to find their own individual balance of brand and personality in their social media marketing, and it is advisable to seek the advice of online marketing agencies to help get this right.

Social Media Policies

Due to the fact that when a company posts on social media, they potentially reach millions of people globally, it can only take simple mistakes to severely damage or even completely ruin a reputation.  If a business plans to encourage staff to have input into their social media channels, it is important to set out clear rules and guidelines.

Even if staff aren’t contributing directly to the company social media channels, things posted on their own social media could still impact. This is why you commonly see employees of companies stating that ‘their views are their own’ on personal social media accounts.

Measuring the Buzz

Measuring social media optimisation methods used to create a buzz and the substantial results (such as increased website traffic, etc) achieved from this is the key to the ongoing success of your brand’s social media presence.

By measuring these results you can isolate areas for improvement and aspects that worked well and can be increased or continued and areas that altogether flopped.

You can also look at the elusive results (such as positive associations with the brand, increased awareness, etc.) which cannot be defined or measured but can still be an indicator of how well the campaign has worked.

In summary, social media marketing is a cost effective and beneficial form of digital marketing that must be monitored carefully to ensure the right message is being conveyed.

With the help of online marketing services provided by UK agencies, many companies are able to discover the innumerable pros of having an active presence on social media.

Google SEO Tips and Tactics

Website Structure

The way your website has been developed affects how search engine ‘spiders’ are able to find your site and effectively rank it.  This is based on assumption that your website is in a position to be indexed by the ‘spiders’ and all the links are accessible and that none of your content is invisible due to poor web development. This does not necessarily mean that your website is not optimized.

Search engines will normally rank content based on the way the codes you have used appears on your website.  For example the search engine will give more priority to the navigation if it happens to appear higher in the code than your website content. The main aim will therefore be to have your important pages appear higher on the code than the pages that are not so critical to your website. Keywords will normally be placed on  the content area than the other pages, therefore they are easily optimized.

For this reason you may want the main content of the page be higher in the code than the other non-critical pages. If you have an image based navigation, then this will be absolutely true.

Depending on how your website was constructed, the method of having it high on search engine rankings differs; if your website wasn’t built using tables, then it would be much easier to work with it. If need more help in optimizing your site, then there are many do it yourself, websites that have great articles and content that can assist you in getting started, alternatively you can hire a SEO Professional to do this for you. With a professional developer, it will take a fraction of a second to do this, but of course it will depend on the resources you have, time and whether you want to acquire new skills in developing websites on your own.

Article Optimization

Article optimization or content optimization is meant to improve your website on search engines rankings. To effectively do this, there are three key elements that you must look at. These are:

• Number of Keywords (Keyword density)

• Content format

• Content relevance Other factors that can help you in higher Google rankings include and are not limited;

• Link building

• Social networking

• Link baiting

Getting Google put your website high on its rankings takes time and patience. If you are ready to spend time however complex the process might be, success can be achievable.  If you are not, then you can as well pave way for other persons that are ready to make a commitment.

With Google Waging War Is SEO relevant?

All will agree to the fact that Google holds the monopoly as far as SEO is concerned. Rules and algorithms are designed as per the quality norms that Google administrators feel necessary for search engine results. Most of the usual and result oriented tactics that have been used by a majority of SEO services all across the globe are under serious scanner.

The recent Google Penguin and Panda updates destroyed the page 1 rankings of several online marketers and their websites came crashing down within hours of application of these updates. So the question that really needs to be answered is – Does Google SEO has relevance or we should go back on developing millions of pages as unique contents and hope that our efforts will be recognized.

Fortunately, the talks and discussions of experts in online marketing, those who have access to inside information are of the view that SEO Companies and their strategies will always hold relevance and the only difference is that the overall modus operandi will have to be changed from time to time.

Now how does all this affect the usual strategies of current SEO Companies and will there be any significant changes? News that’s coming around the corners is that another Google update with massive change parameters is on the way. So this may not be the best time to experiment with totally new tactics and strategies. However, you just cannot leave the web page to survive on past feats. The best thing that can be done in uncertain times is that content and linking qualities be improved.

To start with, make sure that the website is linked only to relevant pages that are hovering around the same subject. Being in your network of topics is the best mantra as far as interlinking is concerned. If you have links to pages that are irrelevant as per the context of the situation make sure that they are removed even if it takes time.

It is evident that Google is attempting to bring the small time online marketers who use free SEO and companies that employ paid tactics on to a common platform by providing a level playing field. But the thing that we have noticed from the past is that professional SEO services do find out and develop ways to move the other way around. This seems to be a very exciting time for those wanting to start out in affiliate marketing via web development as there are ample opportunities to make it big without investing high amounts in paid web development and SEO tactics.

Looking for Safe and Reliable SEO Service?

The world of SEO has been hit off this past months because of the latest update of Google. Numerous sites in most parts of the world, like the United Kingdom, have dropped their places in Google rankings after the search engine released its “Panda” and “Penguin” updates. The Google and Panda are both algorithm changes that both aim to provide better and fair ranking of different websites on Google searches.

Google Panda focused on eliminating websites that have low-quality and spammed contents that try to appear and top in search ranking results. The most affected sites of the Panda update were sites that host news, blogs and article contents that are poor in quality. These sites had their search marketing strategies focused on the quantity of contents, without giving justice to their quality, to provide greater traffic for the site. This Panda update also aim to prioritize high-quality contents to get on the ranking.

Google Penguin engaged on eliminating websites that practice SEO strategies and internet marketing techniques that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines to make their site be on top of Google ranks. These sites have web marketing strategies that try to control search ranks by over optimising both on-site and off-site SEO.

Websites that were affected by these Google updates have poor or bad marketing SEO strategies. To avoid this, your site contents must all be unique, original and useful for the visitors and the links you build are based on the quality contents your site have. If you are a website owner who does not want your site to be affected by these Google updates, hire a safe and reliable SEO service provider that is Google Panda and Penguin friendly.

Their SEO internet marketing strategy must be not oppose any rules in Google Webmaster Guidelines to avoid being kicked off on the search engine ranks. The SEO marketing advice that will give you must be an honest tips, suggestions and strategies. SEO service is essential for your online marketing needs. UK based businesses have been affected by these Google updates because of poor SEO strategies they had. If you have a UK based business, it is better for you to hire a Local SEO Company for your quality SEO Marketing services.

Draw Pictures Ltd is a local SEO Agency that provides full web services in optimising search engine and link building strategies. They have a team of internet marketing experts that have been providing services in online marketing UK loved for many years. They always aim to provide customers with quality, safe and reliable SEO strategies, unlike other agencies that provide online marketing services that can be easily eliminated by Google Panda and Penguin updates. Draw Pictures Ltd has different packages with affordable prices that will surely support you website.

Google SEO

Internet plays a vital role in lives of most humans in this modern era. Websites and online businesses are widely used to raise profits or to increase the chance of succeeding in the business. Business people have been putting up their websites to keep them on track in the bigger world of business competition. Websites are used to display and promote their products and services to attract customers as well as to provide easier and faster transactions.

Websites must be recognized to obtain the highest income it could generate. To get more appearances, an SEO strategy must be effectively created on the site. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process done technically to make the site be on top of the page rank in search engines such as Google.

Google is the top most popular search engines on general topics all over the world, and has become a new verb term. Google has helped many website to get more appearance and promotion, thus having more visitors that view and stay on the site. Google offers tools that are very helpful for businesses.

A popular Google SEO strategy is the AdWords, which allows the website to create ads that would appear on their search engine page, and would greatly attract visitors and potential customers. The Google Places SEO would also help you to determine the specific locations of your target audience and customers increasing your chance to create more traffic for you site and maintain good number of visitors. Google SEO guide is provided over the internet to help you know more about SEO Google.

Your online business competitors might have an SEO Google strategy too, and that will make you left behind from them. If you want to achieve highest chance of succeeding with your business, you better stick with the best search engine. When you appear on top of the page rank of Google, this will provide you the highest chance to capture more visitors because this is the most popular search engine and has the most number of users as well. If your aim to be on top of the best search engine, you have to hire the best SEO provider.

Draw Pictures Ltd, one of the most popular SEO Company, offers the best Google SEO services. The company can provide you Google Compatible Link Building which is always updated for the customers’ satisfaction. They have been in this kind of industry for years, and they already have proven their expertise and professionalism in handling quality services.

Professionally Designed Seo Strategies

Search engine optimization is the most prevalent topic in modern times and online marketing can’t be efficient unless it is backed by professionally designed strategies. In order to make your business visible and get ahead of the highly competitive market, it is important to have optimized SEO UK plans using which you can gain the coveted first page in search engine results. Plenty of company has great products or services to offer but it will reach the consumer through the digital world only when properly promoted. Get it done the way it is meant to be assisted by experts of the industry and you can find them all under one roof in here!

The size of the company rarely matters when Google SEO is done because the service provider always like to think big so as to achieve colossal targets with professional ease. Every company’s core values lies with the ROI that is, return in investment which is given utmost importance by the service providers. They ensure that you get only the best services in a cost effective manner which is also delivered within a short timeline. Such methods help save you time spent in building the strategy and allow you to focus on the marketing factor for better brand reach. Quality and unique articles, optimization in the codes and an impressive design is the key to successful online establishment.

When you work with the best SEO Agency in town, you can feel the difference as they have years of experience in the field and easily focus your business towards effective digital marketing. Link building is the primary objective of the people and they will do it gradually through variety of Google SEO services so that it has long lasting results. Once you attain the first page, it will automatically lead to better prospects and generate higher leads.