With Google Waging War Is SEO relevant?

All will agree to the fact that Google holds the monopoly as far as SEO is concerned. Rules and algorithms are designed as per the quality norms that Google administrators feel necessary for search engine results. Most of the usual and result oriented tactics that have been used by a majority of SEO services all across the globe are under serious scanner.

The recent Google Penguin and Panda updates destroyed the page 1 rankings of several online marketers and their websites came crashing down within hours of application of these updates. So the question that really needs to be answered is – Does Google SEO has relevance or we should go back on developing millions of pages as unique contents and hope that our efforts will be recognized.

Fortunately, the talks and discussions of experts in online marketing, those who have access to inside information are of the view that SEO Companies and their strategies will always hold relevance and the only difference is that the overall modus operandi will have to be changed from time to time.

Now how does all this affect the usual strategies of current SEO Companies and will there be any significant changes? News that’s coming around the corners is that another Google update with massive change parameters is on the way. So this may not be the best time to experiment with totally new tactics and strategies. However, you just cannot leave the web page to survive on past feats. The best thing that can be done in uncertain times is that content and linking qualities be improved.

To start with, make sure that the website is linked only to relevant pages that are hovering around the same subject. Being in your network of topics is the best mantra as far as interlinking is concerned. If you have links to pages that are irrelevant as per the context of the situation make sure that they are removed even if it takes time.

It is evident that Google is attempting to bring the small time online marketers who use free SEO and companies that employ paid tactics on to a common platform by providing a level playing field. But the thing that we have noticed from the past is that professional SEO services do find out and develop ways to move the other way around. This seems to be a very exciting time for those wanting to start out in affiliate marketing via web development as there are ample opportunities to make it big without investing high amounts in paid web development and SEO tactics.

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