Link building and SEO Strategy, Can’t Resist It?

To be high in those search engine rankings you must be ready to sweat it out in the online world. Or should you? To begin with there are really two classes of online marketers out there. One class is of those who are using free methods available (may require loads of efforts) and the other is the financially sound class that does not hesitate to buy options such as link building services and other seo services. I was thinking, on which side do Google policies hover around? If you look closely at some of the top ranked sites that appear in search engine results it seems difficult to digest the fact that Google seo policies are fair and just.

Every external link that points towards your site contributes immensely regarding overall rankings and this has been a heavily exploited factor all across the online world. Just type link building in your search engine and instantly you have scores of seo companies offering high quality back link builders at not so affordable schemes.

So what are the options left for an online marketer looking for cost effective link building services? To be fair and frank this honest road is long and it may take time to build links on your own but the associated rewards may be huge only if you persist with it. This is where most web publishers lose their way and opt for paid links and other strategies. There is no outright denial that paid strategies do not work (In fact they work just too well!). But the bottom line principle is that Google does not like publishers paying for links as it defies the real meaning for which search engines have been built.

Regular Google checks are carried out and many of the so called link development services have had their domains de-indexed several times. Along with these de-indexing procedures the associated promotions of the all the sites also go down the drain. But again if you are looking for short term gains then there is definitely something in it. However, there are high chances that any online marketer or seo expert will openly admit and promote purchasing links, even though they might be doing the very same thing.

So I am forced to admit that there is very little distinction between what is right and what is wrong when it comes to seo tactics. The only phrase that is relevant here is “what works”. One important point in this regard is regarding social media marketing which has emerged as the new platform for link development.

Though, I personally highly suggest not buying paid links, build links in fact win links! That is your way forward.

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