Let’s all keep the European seo and web design business in Europe

There are number of search engine optimisation companies in Europe and nearly 80% of those companies get most of their seo work done by companies based in Asia, Middle and Far east and Africa, however looking at the service quality offered by most seo companies in India, Pakistan or the entire Asian, Far and Middle eastern region and even Africa is not what we call “European quality standards”

If you have/had a chance to work with a web design or seo firm from Asian countries, especially India, China and even Philippines you must have suffered (most people) with the time waste on explaining things that we normally do not repeat or explain in the UK and Europe

Call it a language barrier or their understanding to your state of mind or what you are looking for, working with these IT Companies in Asia is not a very daunting task in most cases and many European SEO and web design companies have started to hire freelancers from their respective countries in order to have to have a cheap yet professional solution

However there are much cheaper seo and web design and development solutions in UK and Europe as well but most of these UK and European companies are not aware of those companies which are based in the UK and Europe and provide much cheaper seo and web design solutions, link building etc, than the freelancer you can hire from your respective country

We work with many SEO Companies from UK and Europe and provide them with complete seo and web design outsourcing solutions including the multilingual content writing, multilingual link building and even web design and development with impressive reporting, invoicing as well as support system in place

Is not it great? That you are paying nearly Asian prices to get your work done by a European web design and SEO Company?

Let’s keep European business in our European zone – If you are looking for a web design and web development company or seo service with European quality standards in mind, simply get in touch today and find the difference yourself, the prices are nearly the same what you pay in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and even China and Philippines but what you get is much more than you get from there including the different time zone, language barriers and explaining the same things over and over again (Most companies even do not issue invoices, have hardly any sales and support systems in place).

Let’s join hands and let’s keep the European work in Europe

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SEO Services for SEO Agencies from UK and Europe

Are you looking for a trustworthy, honest and results focused and ROI driven Search Engine Optimisation Company based in Europe offering you as a seo agency with bespoke search engine optimisation services?

Are you looking for an SEO Agency with arrangements of providing you with multilingual content creation for your online marketing?

Are you looking for an SEO Agency to provide you with next generation link building, authority backlinks from niche domains that deliver fast results?

And ideally you are looking with great pricing structure, invoicing offered and pricing that you normally pay in Asia, Middle and Far East?

If you have answered “yes” to any of your above questions and you are looking for reliable seo partner to outsource your seo campaigns, digital and internet marketing, content creation, link building and web designing and development campaigns then you are on the right page

Draw Pictures Ltd are a SEO Company with over 12  years experience offering customers and agencies with bespoke seo services, services that work, build a buzz, help you get both the results and ROI for your business customers!

If you are looking for a truly experienced search engine optimisation firm, then you are on the right page, make a contact with our SEO Specialists in London and let their working strategies work for you or your customers business! We are so sure to give your business an edge that we promise to provide you seo services for free until we have achieved our goals.

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Draw Pictures Ltd is a London based SEO Consultancy Company offering free advice to businesses from the UK, Europe and abroad. Be it you are looking to learn a thing or share, ask for a suggestion or ask for the price, we would be more than glad to talk to you and answer your questions

We believe in driving our customers an extra mile away for free. As a customer you will be provided with an amazing backup support to remember, we normally return all our calls and emails in matter of just few minutes.

You will always speak to a real seo consultant based in London when you hire our seo consultants. Our web designers and web developers here in London are chatty and love to chat if you have a web design project or just want to ask a question

Give us a call today and let an Experienced SEO Company provide you with the seo service or any other services you require!

SEO Review, Proven SEO Strategy to work for your business

Draw Pictures Ltd (SEO Consultants in London) has been working with Acronis Ltd for a long time and has crafted and established a proven seo strategy that had built a great buzz online. Acronis Ltd has over 175,000 customers in a broad range of industries have chosen Acronis to protect their business continuity in over 120 countries and growing.

Acronis provides an amazing backup and recovery service and they have proved to be the best in entire industry. Our team of seo experts in London have worked very closely with Acronis Ltd and have established an interesting strategy that has ranked Acronis (English, German, Italian, and American website at the top of Google search results – On the first page, we had competition with companies like Symantec and world’s other renowned companies.

Draw Pictures Ltd has proved to be the best multilingual seo company that has proved again to be the best in local search engine optimisation, our team of multilingual content writers, seo specialists and backlinks creation team has worked out on a strategy that has enabled Acronis to be the most searched and studied website in their niche

Some of our rankings for Acronis on include:

Results on Google England

Backup Solutions #3

Backup Software #4

Backup #11

Google.com search results for Acronis America

Backup Software #4

Computer Backup Software #10

Backup #12

Google.de search results for Acronis Germany

Backup #10

Backup Software #9

Google.it search results for Acronis Italia

Backup #10

Backup Software #5

And the list of Google domains and Acronis Search engine rankings goes on!

SEO Review from one of their staff member:

I have been working with your team of seo consultants and I must admit you guys are the best seo agency online, working with you guys was so easy, it was all well planned before hand, keyword research you have done and even the proposal was great, we have achieved the traffic, page rank, search engine rankings and other than just that, brand reputation and online marketing strategy we needed – Life is very good in this part of world! Thumbs up for the good work and we are working soon on other country domains soon and I look forward to talk to your SEO Experts in London or come to see you guys before we start our new campaign! Good job!

There are many seo companies online, and there are few which are doing good seo, crafting the right seo strategies and the one’s that believe in content marketing and marketing mix, we are just like everyone else, we try things and they work out for our customers – be it one or the other niche, we have a story to tell and we can prove to be the best one’s in entire SEO Industry!

If you are looking for results driven and ROI focused seo services or ideally a good seo company that delivers what they promise, then feel free to call us on our free phone from UK07375 320305

or from abroad: +44 (0)7375 320305 or send us an email at support@drawpictures.co.uk – We promise to return your calls or emails as quickly as we can, normally in matter of some minutes!

We promise to help your website (your online marketing weapon) generate business from online and we are so confident to deliver search engine rankings! We just do not promise it, we do it! And that too at the prices you can afford.

SEO consultant a dire need of your web

Today, almost every business is present on Internet that lowers your business costs and increases flexibility. To make your business successful online you need customers like other shop or store. Your online business should not only look eye-catching so that, searchers would browse it and buy, but it should also easily found and accessible by potential visitors.

Exactly here, search engine optimisation consultant plays a key role with his SEO techniques. He knows exactly the responsibilities and tasks of starting the search marketing campaigns initially. He keeps the top level awareness of SEO counting, indexing skill, online sector categorisation, ranking methods, link building strategies, and competitor analysis.

Responsibilities of SEO consultant

SEO consultant works out the keywords or search words and phrases for your brand or business, which match your visitors search patterns. He promotes the organic progression of your web ranking and provides different techniques to help you to further increase your web popularity.

He allows you to keep focused on the important objective of your business, and allow you more ways to reach corporate goals, by taking all the responsibilities of advertising in his own hand.

Benefits of SEO consultant

The SEO consultant can provide you the following benefits:

• He explains you every possible way and process to boost the page ranking of your web in the different search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and others.

• He clears you everything with the reports he submits, in this way, he makes you able to monitor web page progress.

• He saves your efforts and time to increase the rankings of your web pages that result in increased visitors, more hits on your web, more potential clients, and finally higher revenues.

• He maintains the visibility of your website and its pages to a target market that is a great benefit for you.

• He solves all the problems that occur in your Internet marketing strategy.

• He provides faster output in the form of huge traffic through keywords optimisation because he uses them correctly according to the target URL.

• He promotes and focuses your, all the important web pages so that they appear in the SE result pages list when they’re searched.

• He understands exactly what your business and web needs.


SEO of your website cannot happen overnight and once you have achieved the desired rankings it still stays an ongoing process. Because search engines algorithms change regularly and it is the SEO consultant who monitors when this happens.

He makes all the adjustments where necessary. So if you own a business, small or large hiring any skilled SEO Consultant can bring the opportunities which, you mightn’t have imagined before.

With on page SEO you create perfect & visible website

If you want to create a website and make it visible on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and others, then you need to acquire knowledge about on-page search engine optimisation.

On-page SEO refers to various actions, which you perform to optimise your web by structuring the web pages or optimising the web code and adding Meta tags. These are the actions that make you able to get higher ranking on the different search engines. On-page SEO is very important why?

Why on-page SEO important?

On-page SEO is important because it is very useful for your web. It gives you more and more chances for promoting your content. Though, link building can bring your site to a search engine higher ranking, however, it must be in your mind that if your web pages are not optimised, then your visitors will not be interested anymore and you might go back to the very starting point.

It is on-page optimisation that ensures that the web traffic you are getting is relevant and targeted because due to this, your content gets easier to read. In the whole process, you need many important on-page SEO components.

What are important on-page SEO components?

Optimise the page title: On your web, the very first thing your readers see and that appears on SE is, page title, therefore, you should try to make it to the point, short, and it should describe the content properly. Because the readers will leave a poor title page and move to search further information.

Optimise the Meta tags: In the Meta tags you will give description in order to tell the readers what your web is about. It should not be too generic and contain the whole information that can define your activities and show you unique from others.

Optimise the keywords and content: Your content must be simple to read and it should not be widely exaggerated with adding keywords. Actually, keywords density is required for SE optimisation not for the readers. Repeat keywords might make your content repetitive and boring, so try to balance them.

Optimise the links: You should optimise your internal links and external links for the readers’ pleasant navigation on  the web. In this regard, you need to insert the right keywords or search words in your anchor text.

Optimise the code: There are many methods used to optimise the web code like, using snippets, compressing JavaScript and CSS, placing script tags, and compressing images etc. Optimise the images: Though, your readers can easily make out what the images represent, but it’s not for the web crawler. Therefore, you should add the proper image titles.


On-page SEO is not an easy task, you need specialist’s help to get the job done. There are many SEO Services providers who can help you skillfully.

The higher page rank web provides tremendous benefits

If you want to have a grip on SEO, then you need to understand the ranking algorithm that is, page rank. Page rank is a key concept of the Google ranking system. It uses the Internet link structure to make decisions about the quality of every page that is listed in the index.

If your web page has more quality links, then it appears high in the search engine result page. So, it is necessary for you to increase your page rank that’s essential to move up the SERP and to receive more traffic.

Benefits of higher page rank web

If you have a higher page rank website you can get the following benefits:

You can sell links

When your page rank is high your links become costly. Several webmasters are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for page rank 7 or page rank 8 back links. Remember one thing it’s not easy to get page rank higher than 4. Generally, established websites get higher than 4 ranking that have thousands of organic backlinks.

You can get higher traffic levels

The published content of authority websites usually gets higher ranking in search engines like Google. Therefore, the more content, your websites publish, the more traffic they get. If your sites are not seen as the authority sites, then there are no chances to rank well. It means regardless of your effort to create quality content, you wouldn’t be rewarded at all for your efforts.

You can sell affiliate products

With the help of higher page rank website, you can generate more traffic and market your products and services as an affiliate. You will just publish your content and insert affiliate links, after sometime money will start coming.

You can pass on the authority

If you have a well established site, it is very easy for you to launch a new website, which serves the same niche. In the process of passing on authority, you may create links to your new site to help it gets established. This will take your little time, but being a higher page rank web owner, you can create back links free of cost.

How to check page rank

You may check page ranking by using online free tools or by Google toolbar. But remember one thing the true page rank is known to Google only.


If your website has a higher page ranking, then it must be in good standing along with Google. There are many search engine optimisation experts who can help you to get high page ranking by different SEO techniques.

Creative SEO services benefits and types

Creative search engine optimisation services play a fundamental role to promote your business, web, blog, online store and forum. Without proper creative SEO services, you cannot capture your target visitors and increase your sales.

Creative SEO services include creative methods and technique that are used to drive your website pages toward the top SE results pages.

Once your web pages show in the first ten pages of Google, then you get a lot of organic traffic from Google and more traffic means more sales. Creative SEO services have many benefits and types that I shall discuss in this article.

Benefits of creative SEO services

As things have changed and become harder to gain the search engines attention and emerge on the SE first page results, SEO services have become creative. Today, the word “creative” is gaining many buzz, because creativity is needed to meet the strict rules that are being pushed rapidly by Google and other search engines.

Many businesses take the help of creative SEO services for getting advantages over their competitors. These services enable your web to compete other websites. Website promotion is very important for your online business.

The majority of Internet surfer use search engine, for getting information and they only see the first search engine results page. That’s why it is important for your website to rank on the SE first page.

These creative SEO services create search engine friendly and coherent web for you that pages are navigable, easily. These services manipulate the latest creative search engine optimisation techniques and enhance your business online presence.

Types of creative SEO services

Creative SEO services are vital for making your web more visible to target audience online. Here are some services being, presenting:

Analysis: By careful analysis service you may find out which techniques your niche competitors are using for driving their search engine optimisation efforts for specific keywords, and then you can start planning to get above them in the race.

Content: optimised creative content is important for high rankings. Creation of unique and original content for web with particular forum posting and discussion may give your web the exposure in front of targeted customers.

By this content service you can incorporate important and relevant keywords or search words in the accurate places. On-page: On-page creative SEO service makes sure that the content on the website are fine tuned. This service, also includes useful tip, keywords changing, titles, descriptions, header tags, anchor tags and links.

Off-page: Off-page creative SEO service involves the utilisation of theme, for linking the content on the website. This service, ensures that used links are qualified.

Backlinks: These links are from the other sites, which, direct back to your website. It is an important creative SEO service for getting higher rankings.


If you get benefit of creative SEO services on your web with rewarding and entertaining content, then you can swiftly get the top position of different SE and have huge traffic.

Draw Pictures Ltd are UK, London based Search Engine Optimisation Company specialising in on and offsite seo, content creation and user and search engine friendly web designing and development, all at affordable prices for your business.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The internet has become one of the best places for business advertising. Moreover, many business transactions are taking place online. For this reason, many businesses are using the internet to market their products and services. Also, online creates a platform where buyers meet the sellers easily. Therefore, if a buyer needs to acquire some goods or services, he or she searches the information about that specific product online. Many businesses have well-established websites, which provide the necessary information concerning the products. In order for one to find the best website, an excellent host should be used in the search. Perhaps the SEO is one of the best tool when it comes to promoting and attracting massive traffic.

Nearly all the internet users find the perfect websites using search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, Amazon and even MSN. Here, one should visit these sites and type the keywords and search them. In most cases, the person may find them in the top two or three results. However, many people do not know is the fact that the search is executed by an immensely complex software. This software works intelligently to provide the best result to the user.

Additionally, all the pages that resemble or relate to the search can be accessed easily and thus the search is delivered appropriately. One of the best hosts should be considered. The user may consider all the factors that make the host most reliable. Components of SEO are extremely vital and thus a business should be particularly keen when handling the information. For the content to be of immense use to a business, it should have appropriate, and value added content. Also, the content should be supported by an excellent website infrastructure. This means that the articles standard in that particular website should be well maintained to attract and inform many readers.

In a SEO, the keyword and key phrase should be used according to the persons wish. Therefore, the articles should be rich in keyword content and thus locating it will be remarkably easy. One should write down all the necessary keywords that relate to the article. In addition, the subject to be written should carry all the necessary related keywords. Meta data of both the articles and websites should feature all the related key phrases. Through this, content will be highly informative to the readers. Coming up with catchy keywords is one of the vital things that a business should apply.

How to choose right keywords for your SEO campaign?

Business and websites are widely used as source of income in our modern period. Competition between websites and businesses are now getting tougher and you, as a business and website owner, need to know the right and effective way of gaining visibility for all the incoming visitors that will provide you a better income.

You must know how to SEO to improve search engine rankings for your site to gain the desired number of visitors that will enter your business world.

As part of your online business marketing, an effective SEO strategy is needed. Keywords are good internet marketing tool for any type of business. Creating a keyword is an important practice in search engine optimizing strategies.

The keywords are taken into account by most of the search engines like Yahoo and Google when ranking websites in their search pages results. The keywords for your SEO campaign should be well-chosen because the algorithms that are being used by search engines are limited to keyword density.

You, as a website owner, should consider important thoughts and suggestions about having keywords which will all contribute to your business’ success.

To start choosing your keywords, begin with having a clear focus and idea of what your business website is all about. You must have a final idea of what products and services your business offers to people and some contest or discounts to promote the name of your business.

When you are stable with that, you can start thinking of what keywords you will choose that will make your business attractive and more searchable. You must choose a keyword that will be effective for a long term.

Avoid choosing keywords that will last for only few weeks. Choose the right keywords that are strong to be able to withstand the high competition in the online business world.

When you already have in mind the keywords you think are right, try to analyze first your competitors’ sites. Visit and check the source codes of your competitors’ sites to know what keywords are often used. Have their ideas, but don’t replicate them. Try to create original and better versions of your competitors’ keywords chosen.

Upon knowing the keywords your competitors’ use, choose the keywords that are less used by them, as long as possible. There are lots of bigger and older websites that might be offering products same to your products, but providing an uncommon and unique keywords for your own product will probably direct visitors on your site with less competitors because of that.

Of course, most importantly, be specific in choosing your keywords. For example, if you sell cakes, try to specify your keyword such as “wedding cakes”, “romantic gifts”, “sweet delicacies” or “romantic dinner meal” instead of having a common “cakes” as your keyword.

Your site really depends on this important campaign so you must spend more time in doing research about this area in your business. Your keywords may be the reason for your business to either succeed or fail. You may always speak with an SEO Company in order to ask them do the keywords research on your behalf, If you wish to save on cost, you may use Google keyword suggestion tool and it is free like most of Google tools. You may estimate keywords traffic and find a lot more about the competition and so on.

Draw Pictures Ltd are seo consultants based in London offering free advice to all UK, European and foreign businesses, offering unique piece of advice and clear cut instructions, why not call, write an email or visit their SEO London office today?

Using PPC To Maximize Your Search Engine Positioning and ROI

There are many businesses operating on the internet today. Each of these businesses is looking for some form of publicity.  That is why most of them are looking for various strategies that they can use in order to boost their rankings on natural search engine operations.  Search engine rankings are however not very significant.  The visitors that they draw and the resultant growth in business are the most notable benefits.  This is why PPC engines and especially secondary ones are considered as great tools for developing useful online campaign strategies.   This is intended to boost the over return on investment for your business.

Keywords and search terms

The use of proper keywords is one of the most important ingredients of a productive site. Users would use these terms so as to search for the content that is available on your site.  Online tools such as WordTracker might not offer you the best keywords which can elevate your rankings or boost your business ROI.  You need to understand the fact that search positioning is not about generating adequate traffic but rather money. In as much as increased traffic can mean higher income for your business, it is important to understand the kind of keywords that can help you to generate high rates.  This should be the baseline for your SEO campaigns.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a PPC and SEO Agency that provides complete online marketing, pay per click, web design, development and seo service!

Consider the content that you are offering your audience

Pay Per Click (PPC) also marries with the kind of content that is posted on your site. Internet surfers would not be interested in clicking through your site if the content that is posted there is not useful to them. In that case therefore, you need to carry out thorough audience analysis. You need to also take time and understand what kind of people you are communicating to. This will help you to incline and adjust yourself best to offer only information that is useful and makes sense to the readers.


In as much as generation of site traffic is tied to site hits, sites that get more visitors are more likely to generate more ROI.  However, the use of PPC should not just be restricted to generation of income. After getting the right number of people to click through your site and products, you need to also convince them to buy your products or services.  PPC is a good place to start from if you are testing your online presence. You can also use these as an ideal platform for the generation of revenue and leads.