The higher page rank web provides tremendous benefits

If you want to have a grip on SEO, then you need to understand the ranking algorithm that is, page rank. Page rank is a key concept of the Google ranking system. It uses the Internet link structure to make decisions about the quality of every page that is listed in the index.

If your web page has more quality links, then it appears high in the search engine result page. So, it is necessary for you to increase your page rank that’s essential to move up the SERP and to receive more traffic.

Benefits of higher page rank web

If you have a higher page rank website you can get the following benefits:

You can sell links

When your page rank is high your links become costly. Several webmasters are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for page rank 7 or page rank 8 back links. Remember one thing it’s not easy to get page rank higher than 4. Generally, established websites get higher than 4 ranking that have thousands of organic backlinks.

You can get higher traffic levels

The published content of authority websites usually gets higher ranking in search engines like Google. Therefore, the more content, your websites publish, the more traffic they get. If your sites are not seen as the authority sites, then there are no chances to rank well. It means regardless of your effort to create quality content, you wouldn’t be rewarded at all for your efforts.

You can sell affiliate products

With the help of higher page rank website, you can generate more traffic and market your products and services as an affiliate. You will just publish your content and insert affiliate links, after sometime money will start coming.

You can pass on the authority

If you have a well established site, it is very easy for you to launch a new website, which serves the same niche. In the process of passing on authority, you may create links to your new site to help it gets established. This will take your little time, but being a higher page rank web owner, you can create back links free of cost.

How to check page rank

You may check page ranking by using online free tools or by Google toolbar. But remember one thing the true page rank is known to Google only.


If your website has a higher page ranking, then it must be in good standing along with Google. There are many search engine optimisation experts who can help you to get high page ranking by different SEO techniques.

The Importance of Mailing List in Internet Marketing

Email marketing is a very important aspect of online marketing. If a third of those you send emails take the required action on your site, your profit will soon hit the roof. Email marketing does not just begin without a root. You cannot send emails without building an opt-in list first. If you get email addresses through the back door, most of your mails will be sent into spam folder, many email account owners do not even bother about messages in their spam folders.

For your email to be accessible to the recipient, the recipient needs to indicate interest in what you are sending by adding you to his or her mailing list. The person can only add you if he or she personally gives you his or her email address.

How to build your list

In order to get people’s email address, you would have provided very valuable and informative contents on your site. You can set up a mechanism for collecting email addresses of those who visit your site. Ask them to sign up by providing their email address with the promise of sending them more valuable information at a later date.  The visitor will gladly provide the email address if the info had been valuable. If the info is truly helpful, your opt-in list will grow before your very eyes.

On a regular basis, send valuable info to the subscriber from your website using auto responder.  Once in a while, you can also provide free e-books for download on the site. Simply send a mail to those on your list and ask them to visit your site to download the free eBook. This is a subtle way to pre-sell those on your opt-in list. With time, you will build trust and a high level of reliability.

Due to the trust you have built, it will not be difficult to ask them to pay for a particular product at a later date/stage.

How to grow the list

The secret to making it big therefore lies in building a long mailing list and strategically pre-selling them with useful information. In order to encourage new subscribers to provide their email addresses, use a free e-book as bait. You can also grow the list by asking current subscribers to invite one or two persons to sign up with the promise of giving them free e-books in return.

Other websites can also be used to grow your opt-in lists. Place quality articles on your blog sites and redirect the readers to your site. On the site, ask them to sign up for free e-books to be instantly delivered into their mail box.

This is an effective way of marketing your business online and it always helps. On the other hand you may use seo services in order to improve your website visiblity, build quality backlinks to increase your page rank, search engine rankings and sales and ROI. An SEO Company in this regard may help you grow your sales and online revenue.

Reciprocal Link Building

Reciprocal linking can be said to be networking within the World Wide Web.  The web owners link their sites to other web owners’ sites thus creating a mesh.  How can reciprocal linking be ranked in terms of success? Unfortunately, the answer is not highly.  This form of linking has created lots of hues and cries from users who feel they are not adding a lot of value.

Not only are we receiving unsolicited mails (spams) but lots of pop-ups posted as links on the websites which does not ease the problem.  The worst are links that can hardly be closed or moved.  They appear in the middle of the text yet they direct you to a site that has no relation to what you are reading or searching for whatsoever.  They are time wasters and actually reduce the effectiveness of the site you are interested in.

If you are like me, you close the site and move on to another hoping that you will find a site addressing what you are looking for and is also clear of the unnecessary links or pop-ups.  And that is how not to lose a visitor or potential client especially if your main purpose was to increase traffic to your website!

All is not lost though, because on the flip side the reciprocal link building gives visitors an opportunity to navigate through other sites that they would normally not have known about or taken time to peruse.  If properly used, this kind of linkage can be a source of traffic to the various sites.

They only have to be done in a more efficient and effective manner that does not arm twist visitors to use them but have them as an offer to a treat which can in turn entice visitors to your site.  You should have links of highly rated or requested articles, which give the visitors answers to their questions, information on how to do things and general information that sit well with your target group, on your site or other web owner’s sites.

You can also engage in discussion forums that relate to your niche and comment on alerts leaving your links in search sites and not forgetting to make use of the resource links.  This is helpful as a source of reciprocal linking but with a purpose and actually the users will appreciate this as opposed to being bombarded with spams.

I personally do not suggest link exchange, never did since my 11 years career. And I always suggest going for organic fresh useful links, they may come from trusted and respected web directories, articles and press release sites, social bookmarking and social sites that include, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, I personally also use, web 2.0 and 3.0 links, links from forum discussions by opening a thread and asking your question or simply replying to a question and leaving good hints and foot prints and then leaving a link in signatures, commenting on trusted and high traffic blogs, classifieds, and so on and so on

I have been running a successful SEO Company for around 11 years in total and have been doing link building for the same time, If you require an honest advice, you may always reach me on +44 790 700 4090 or always email at – If you require SEO and Link Building service, I do it at affordable prices.

How Vibrant Is Reciprocal Link Building Today?

Reciprocal linking has to do with exchanging link with sites that you think may be able to send visitors back to your website. It was a very popular means of generating traffic in the last few years. In those days before things turned around to what they are today, many webmasters used it as a means of generating traffic for their sites. It was even among the leading means of traffic generation.

What it could do

Reciprocal linking also helped in increasing the ranking of a site on search engines. Search engines have a way of filtering out sites with few or no external links. You are placed high on search engines if lots of quality backlinks are on your site; especially if the external links are from trusted sites. Reciprocal links made it possible to have such links on your site.

In its hay days, webmasters desiring to rise on the rung of SEO ladder would buy links for their sites. It was also a great business to sell links to such sites.  They loved to patronize sites that are promoting things related to what they too are making available online.

Now that reciprocal linking does not seem to have the same bite it had in times past, the webmasters just have to look out for another means of getting the needed traffic and also improving search engine rankings. Some webmasters are still using reciprocal linking today. It may be generating a measure of traffic for them but the result is not as great as what can be obtained from other sources.

What led to its death?

It was discovered that many of the sites seeking to buy links are new sites seeking for recognition online. Anyone selling links to such a new site may not benefit anything from the link in terms of search engine rankings.  This is one of the factors that led to the gradual annihilation of reciprocal linking.  Anyone who wants to venture into reciprocal linking should look for a site with high ranking to exchange link with in a good and not in a bad way. Many of such big sites also do not want to partner with these small sites seeking for recognition.

Other options

There are so many better options a webmaster can go for today. Article submission sites are providing wonderful opportunities for you to promote your website and the same when it comes to press releases, directories, social sites, link-wheel or web 2.0 links, classifieds, bookmarking websites, forums, guest blogging, blogging online and using fresh content and so on. Consistent posting of qualitative contents on these article submissions and other sites is enough to win you some recognition on search engines. Before you know it, your site may actually end up at that highly coveted top position.

If you wish an expert doing the job, then you should hire an SEO Company that  believe and do whitehat seo only, look for great local seo companies and take it from there!

How to improve your search engine rankings?

Lots of things need to be considered if you are to rank at the top on search engines. Search engines put a number of things into consideration before they rank you higher in their result pages. This write up will open your eyes to some of those things.

Your web design is vital

The looks and design of your site is principal to how you are ranked by search engines. The search engines consider how you place your first line of copy. This and other important things need to be considered for your site to be search engine friendly. If you are having such a problem, check out how things had been arranged on your site and carry out the necessary correction .You do not need to fret over things if you do not know how to design a search engine friendly website. Consult your search engine optimizer to help get things done when it comes to an seo friendly web design.

How do you place your keywords?

The positioning of your keywords in the content also determines how you are picked up by search engines.  Very importantly, the keywords should appear in the first and last paragraphs of your content. It should also appear in the title. They should be placed strategically in other parts of the content to ensure easy indexing by search engines.

Sitemap is helpful

If you have more than one page on your website, it is important to create a site map for all the pages. The sitemap ensures that search engines are able to index every page on your website.  Text link navigation system too can be very helpful in this regard.

How much external links are available?

The number of external sites linking up with your site also determines how popular your site is on search engines, search engines like Google consider those sites with quality backlinks as a vote, above other sites that have no external link. If your site is linked with other reputable sites, you stand a very good chance of making it to the top on search engines.  Your search engine optimiser and your promotional team can help out on this.

What are the present day workings of search engines?

In order to keep up with the pace of traffic generation, you need to be up to date as regards new improvements and developments on search engines. Things that were acceptable yesterday may be outdated today. The best way to get that highly desired top ranking is to do things according to present day dictates of these search engines.

There are number of SEO Companies which are helping businesses succeed online with the power of digital, internet, social media, internet and search marketing, if you cannot do everything alone, it is best to hire a SEO Company, be it for web design, development and even when it comes to building backlinks, online reputation management and so on.