The Importance of Mailing List in Internet Marketing

Email marketing is a very important aspect of online marketing. If a third of those you send emails take the required action on your site, your profit will soon hit the roof. Email marketing does not just begin without a root. You cannot send emails without building an opt-in list first. If you get email addresses through the back door, most of your mails will be sent into spam folder, many email account owners do not even bother about messages in their spam folders.

For your email to be accessible to the recipient, the recipient needs to indicate interest in what you are sending by adding you to his or her mailing list. The person can only add you if he or she personally gives you his or her email address.

How to build your list

In order to get people’s email address, you would have provided very valuable and informative contents on your site. You can set up a mechanism for collecting email addresses of those who visit your site. Ask them to sign up by providing their email address with the promise of sending them more valuable information at a later date.  The visitor will gladly provide the email address if the info had been valuable. If the info is truly helpful, your opt-in list will grow before your very eyes.

On a regular basis, send valuable info to the subscriber from your website using auto responder.  Once in a while, you can also provide free e-books for download on the site. Simply send a mail to those on your list and ask them to visit your site to download the free eBook. This is a subtle way to pre-sell those on your opt-in list. With time, you will build trust and a high level of reliability.

Due to the trust you have built, it will not be difficult to ask them to pay for a particular product at a later date/stage.

How to grow the list

The secret to making it big therefore lies in building a long mailing list and strategically pre-selling them with useful information. In order to encourage new subscribers to provide their email addresses, use a free e-book as bait. You can also grow the list by asking current subscribers to invite one or two persons to sign up with the promise of giving them free e-books in return.

Other websites can also be used to grow your opt-in lists. Place quality articles on your blog sites and redirect the readers to your site. On the site, ask them to sign up for free e-books to be instantly delivered into their mail box.

This is an effective way of marketing your business online and it always helps. On the other hand you may use seo services in order to improve your website visiblity, build quality backlinks to increase your page rank, search engine rankings and sales and ROI. An SEO Company in this regard may help you grow your sales and online revenue.

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