How to improve your search engine rankings?

Lots of things need to be considered if you are to rank at the top on search engines. Search engines put a number of things into consideration before they rank you higher in their result pages. This write up will open your eyes to some of those things.

Your web design is vital

The looks and design of your site is principal to how you are ranked by search engines. The search engines consider how you place your first line of copy. This and other important things need to be considered for your site to be search engine friendly. If you are having such a problem, check out how things had been arranged on your site and carry out the necessary correction .You do not need to fret over things if you do not know how to design a search engine friendly website. Consult your search engine optimizer to help get things done when it comes to an seo friendly web design.

How do you place your keywords?

The positioning of your keywords in the content also determines how you are picked up by search engines.  Very importantly, the keywords should appear in the first and last paragraphs of your content. It should also appear in the title. They should be placed strategically in other parts of the content to ensure easy indexing by search engines.

Sitemap is helpful

If you have more than one page on your website, it is important to create a site map for all the pages. The sitemap ensures that search engines are able to index every page on your website.  Text link navigation system too can be very helpful in this regard.

How much external links are available?

The number of external sites linking up with your site also determines how popular your site is on search engines, search engines like Google consider those sites with quality backlinks as a vote, above other sites that have no external link. If your site is linked with other reputable sites, you stand a very good chance of making it to the top on search engines.  Your search engine optimiser and your promotional team can help out on this.

What are the present day workings of search engines?

In order to keep up with the pace of traffic generation, you need to be up to date as regards new improvements and developments on search engines. Things that were acceptable yesterday may be outdated today. The best way to get that highly desired top ranking is to do things according to present day dictates of these search engines.

There are number of SEO Companies which are helping businesses succeed online with the power of digital, internet, social media, internet and search marketing, if you cannot do everything alone, it is best to hire a SEO Company, be it for web design, development and even when it comes to building backlinks, online reputation management and so on.

Google Guidelines for Ethical SEO

These are the latest Google guideline on Search Engine Optimization.  We all know that violating these guidelines may lead to penalties like suspension of the site or website total ban. That is why it is important to hire a reputable SEO Firm that can guarantee processes that wouldn’t violate any of the search engine’s guideline.

Here are the guidelines that Google released this year in regards to Search Engine Optimization:

1. Google has given a list of tasks that an SEO consultant can provide a website owner such as assessment of the site, technical guidance on website improvement, keyword research, content development, SEO training, management of internet business development campaigns, and expertise in specific market and geographies.

2. Google ensured that they never accept payment from website owners or SEO firms in exchange for better website ranking

3. Google advised that prior to searching for an SEO, the user should be educated about the basics of how search engines work.

4. Google suggested for website owners to hire an SEO company at the beginning of the whole online marketing process as this would ensure that they would be on the same page in terms of keeping the site search engine friendly.

5. Google also indicated a set of questions that a website owner should ask the seo firm prior. Basically, obtaining information about the seo experience, knowledge about webmaster guidelines, turn around time before you expect some positive results, the processes involve with their seo strategies, etc.

6. Google gave a warning on those unethical SEO scammers that give the industry a bad reputation. Google also gave thorough advice and a guideline on how to choose reputable SEO firms which includes:

• Be suspicious of seo companies that send emails out of nowhere.

• No seo firm can guarantee that they can put you on top rank or on Google’s first page

• If the seo marketing service is very vaguer about the processes involve in their techniques, be careful. Most likely, they do black hat practices.

• You should avoid linking to an seo as these are useless practices.

7. Google suggested that users should be careful with seo firms that owns shadow domains, uses doorway pages, those that sell keywords in the address bar, guarantees top ranking, has a lot of aliases, and other black hat practices or those seo firms that over optimize or are invovled in agressive seo marketing.

Being aware of these Google guidelines regarding search engine optimization will hopefully helps the user make better choices in hiring seo firms and companies. Doing “black hat” practices or “scam” methods is not worth losing your website or worse, harming your reputation. While hiring an SEO Service, be careful and be wise

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