The higher page rank web provides tremendous benefits

If you want to have a grip on SEO, then you need to understand the ranking algorithm that is, page rank. Page rank is a key concept of the Google ranking system. It uses the Internet link structure to make decisions about the quality of every page that is listed in the index.

If your web page has more quality links, then it appears high in the search engine result page. So, it is necessary for you to increase your page rank that’s essential to move up the SERP and to receive more traffic.

Benefits of higher page rank web

If you have a higher page rank website you can get the following benefits:

You can sell links

When your page rank is high your links become costly. Several webmasters are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for page rank 7 or page rank 8 back links. Remember one thing it’s not easy to get page rank higher than 4. Generally, established websites get higher than 4 ranking that have thousands of organic backlinks.

You can get higher traffic levels

The published content of authority websites usually gets higher ranking in search engines like Google. Therefore, the more content, your websites publish, the more traffic they get. If your sites are not seen as the authority sites, then there are no chances to rank well. It means regardless of your effort to create quality content, you wouldn’t be rewarded at all for your efforts.

You can sell affiliate products

With the help of higher page rank website, you can generate more traffic and market your products and services as an affiliate. You will just publish your content and insert affiliate links, after sometime money will start coming.

You can pass on the authority

If you have a well established site, it is very easy for you to launch a new website, which serves the same niche. In the process of passing on authority, you may create links to your new site to help it gets established. This will take your little time, but being a higher page rank web owner, you can create back links free of cost.

How to check page rank

You may check page ranking by using online free tools or by Google toolbar. But remember one thing the true page rank is known to Google only.


If your website has a higher page ranking, then it must be in good standing along with Google. There are many search engine optimisation experts who can help you to get high page ranking by different SEO techniques.

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