Let’s all keep the European seo and web design business in Europe

There are number of search engine optimisation companies in Europe and nearly 80% of those companies get most of their seo work done by companies based in Asia, Middle and Far east and Africa, however looking at the service quality offered by most seo companies in India, Pakistan or the entire Asian, Far and Middle eastern region and even Africa is not what we call “European quality standards”

If you have/had a chance to work with a web design or seo firm from Asian countries, especially India, China and even Philippines you must have suffered (most people) with the time waste on explaining things that we normally do not repeat or explain in the UK and Europe

Call it a language barrier or their understanding to your state of mind or what you are looking for, working with these IT Companies in Asia is not a very daunting task in most cases and many European SEO and web design companies have started to hire freelancers from their respective countries in order to have to have a cheap yet professional solution

However there are much cheaper seo and web design and development solutions in UK and Europe as well but most of these UK and European companies are not aware of those companies which are based in the UK and Europe and provide much cheaper seo and web design solutions, link building etc, than the freelancer you can hire from your respective country

We work with many SEO Companies from UK and Europe and provide them with complete seo and web design outsourcing solutions including the multilingual content writing, multilingual link building and even web design and development with impressive reporting, invoicing as well as support system in place

Is not it great? That you are paying nearly Asian prices to get your work done by a European web design and SEO Company?

Let’s keep European business in our European zone – If you are looking for a web design and web development company or seo service with European quality standards in mind, simply get in touch today and find the difference yourself, the prices are nearly the same what you pay in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and even China and Philippines but what you get is much more than you get from there including the different time zone, language barriers and explaining the same things over and over again (Most companies even do not issue invoices, have hardly any sales and support systems in place).

Let’s join hands and let’s keep the European work in Europe

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In house SEO vs SEO Outsourcing

Search engine optimisation is a complicated thing. Everyone cannot be master of SEO, because it involves many aspects. It is all about getting to the top position of the search ranking for sure.

It needs the coordination of different disciplines to get the desired results. Every business needs to have a separate SEO department that may prove resource straining to his or her small or medium sized business.

After deciding about the search engine optimisation strategy for your web, you have to make the decision whether you will complete SEO in-house or outsource it to any professional outsourcing SEO company.

I think you can make the perfect decision after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the both in-house and outsourcing SEO.

Advantages of in-house SEO

In this type of SEO, your staff knows all about inside and outside your business, so they are able to understand the smallest challenges and aspects. You have complete hold over the SEO strategy.

You can easily execute it and make changes smoothly. The in-house SEO Expert can keep full attention to your website success, as he is only working for one party.

Disadvantages of in-house SEO

Since SEO is a rapidly changing area, your in-house professional needs to make sure that he is up-to-date completely along with different algorithms that are currently being utilised by the different search engines.

It has been observed that in-house SEO skilled persons usually struggle with this hard and he needs occasional refresher training that can increase your business expenditures.

As an in-house expert has lots of work on his hands that may result in using outdated techniques, which can badly affect your web ranking. Effective SEO needs many tools that you will  buy for your SEO expert and learning about these tools also need  lots of time.

Advantages of outsourcing SEO

If you outsource your web SEO task to the specialist outsourcing SEO Company, it would be like having the expertise of many skilled people, because these company’s experts work as a team. Your web will be optimised by the team of experts not a single person. So they produce better SEO results.

These companies experts are highly trained. They are equipped with latest technologies. Like in-house expert all the work is not in one hand so workload does not affect their performance.

Disadvantages of outsourcing SEO

You will bear some extra expenses to hire outsourcing company experts. As company deals with other peoples’ websites at a time so they take some time to complete the task.


Since, both options have advantages and disadvantages ultimately, it’s your decision to choose the one for you so, choose wisely.

Should you outsource seo or do it yourself?

No doubt that Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to promote an online business. It consists of techniques and strategies that aim to not only establish the website reputation but also guarantee an increase on your website visitors and ranking in search engines. You can do seo yourself or hire an SEO firm to implement the techniques.

Here are some of the benefits of doing SEO yourself and advantages of hiring an SEO Outsourcing Company.

Advantages of Doing SEO techniques on your own:

It’s a best way to enhance online presence without spending a lot of money. So if you’re in a tight budget, learning about the SEO techniques and applying it is the best way to go.

A lot of the SEO tools and strategies are relatively easy to implement. There are a lot of tutorials and videos that can guide you in doing these techniques but you have to be ready to spend a lot of time to work on learning and applying SEO.

You have total control of your website. From the assessment to implementation, you are in charge of all SEO aspects that are involved in improving the rankings of your website on search engines.

You are 100% sure that your website is in good hands, there are rare situations where the website get penalized because of violation of SEO or Search Engines Guidelines. If you have total control of your site, naturally, you wouldn’t compromise the reputation of your own website.

Advantages of SEO Outsourcing

Hiring a SEO firm could be a great investment because experts will be handling and implementing all of the latest techniques in SEO Industry.

Professional skills will take you a step further on the latest trends and the most effective techniques to cause website traffic and increase your profits. These SEO Companies are equipped with experience and know how to analyze the data and how to assess and address the weaknesses of your website.

Hiring a professional SEO Expert will save you time. Consequently, it will allow you to focus more on other important aspects of your online business instead of spending several hours in learning about the technical aspects of SEO.

Whether you do it yourself or choose to hire a SEO firm, one thing is for sure, search engine optimization is a helpful tool, that can maintain industry’s competitiveness, improve the website traffic and can increase ranking on search engines. All efforts and techniques geared towards increasing your online business profit.

Draw Pictures Ltd are SEO Consultants in Wimbledon, London offering completely free seo consulting, be it doing seo yourself or seo outsourcing to a local or internation search engine optimisation agency, with years of knowledge and experience in the industry, makes them one of the best Offshore seo agency.