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I must say, our seo business is located on a very good location. We are on 4 minutes walk from Morden and South Wimbledon Tube Stations, Morden road tram stop on around 2 minutes walk

I think it was a great idea to go for this office as our employees and seo and web design customers from London, Surrey and throughout the UK can visit and find us very easily – On the other hand we have a plenty of car parking space available for our customers from London, Surrey and from all around the UK

I have looked for web design and seo companies in Morden, Colliers wood and Wimbledon area and I must admit I have hardly found a web design and Seo Company in Morden, Sutton and areas around here which includes Tooting Broadway, Tooting Bec, Balham etcetera that has a very good presence on Google or other search engines

I have seen few Google search results when I have performed a search for “SEO Companies” in London and Surrey post codes (50 miles radius) but have found those bloggers which wish to target these locations via their landing pages or blog content and I have also seen an unethical practise of ranking for keywords for local seo searches by placing loads of cities, towns, villages and post codes on a page called “Areas covered or served” – I personally do not suggest this as a good seo strategy

Also in my opinion we are one of the most trusted Internet marketing agency in Merton and Wandsworth boroughs with customers ranging from small to mid-sized business and now our business seo team is targeting those corporate customers, councils and government agencies to provide them with next level creative digital marketing, web design and seo services throughout London, Surrey and UK wide

Did you know, now Draw Pictures Ltd is also providing multilingual content writing services to local UK and foreign customers at very competitive prices? Well, we have been always good in multilingual search engine optimisation and link building and we have proved our seo abilities on nearly all Google domains, customers ranging from ( to UK and Europe’s blue chip companies) and we have not just raised their search engine rankings, page rank, traffic But most important their ROI

With local search being a hot topic now (to be honest, we have been doing this since 2004) and we still have those customers on board which have trusted and believed us for how good we are when it comes to local seo

Therefore I must like to say our team of seo specialists in London do not just provide services to customers from London, Surrey and UK, but we also have web designing, development, seo, link building and content writing customers in over 90 countries and growing!

Draw Pictures Ltd is probably the only SEO Company that directly works with both customers and agencies and has crafted search engine optimisation and organic and paid search engine marketing strategies both for our customers and agencies we work with!

Do you want to be our next success story?

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How to choose right keywords for your SEO campaign?

Business and websites are widely used as source of income in our modern period. Competition between websites and businesses are now getting tougher and you, as a business and website owner, need to know the right and effective way of gaining visibility for all the incoming visitors that will provide you a better income.

You must know how to SEO to improve search engine rankings for your site to gain the desired number of visitors that will enter your business world.

As part of your online business marketing, an effective SEO strategy is needed. Keywords are good internet marketing tool for any type of business. Creating a keyword is an important practice in search engine optimizing strategies.

The keywords are taken into account by most of the search engines like Yahoo and Google when ranking websites in their search pages results. The keywords for your SEO campaign should be well-chosen because the algorithms that are being used by search engines are limited to keyword density.

You, as a website owner, should consider important thoughts and suggestions about having keywords which will all contribute to your business’ success.

To start choosing your keywords, begin with having a clear focus and idea of what your business website is all about. You must have a final idea of what products and services your business offers to people and some contest or discounts to promote the name of your business.

When you are stable with that, you can start thinking of what keywords you will choose that will make your business attractive and more searchable. You must choose a keyword that will be effective for a long term.

Avoid choosing keywords that will last for only few weeks. Choose the right keywords that are strong to be able to withstand the high competition in the online business world.

When you already have in mind the keywords you think are right, try to analyze first your competitors’ sites. Visit and check the source codes of your competitors’ sites to know what keywords are often used. Have their ideas, but don’t replicate them. Try to create original and better versions of your competitors’ keywords chosen.

Upon knowing the keywords your competitors’ use, choose the keywords that are less used by them, as long as possible. There are lots of bigger and older websites that might be offering products same to your products, but providing an uncommon and unique keywords for your own product will probably direct visitors on your site with less competitors because of that.

Of course, most importantly, be specific in choosing your keywords. For example, if you sell cakes, try to specify your keyword such as “wedding cakes”, “romantic gifts”, “sweet delicacies” or “romantic dinner meal” instead of having a common “cakes” as your keyword.

Your site really depends on this important campaign so you must spend more time in doing research about this area in your business. Your keywords may be the reason for your business to either succeed or fail. You may always speak with an SEO Company in order to ask them do the keywords research on your behalf, If you wish to save on cost, you may use Google keyword suggestion tool and it is free like most of Google tools. You may estimate keywords traffic and find a lot more about the competition and so on.

Draw Pictures Ltd are seo consultants based in London offering free advice to all UK, European and foreign businesses, offering unique piece of advice and clear cut instructions, why not call, write an email or visit their SEO London office today?

Using PPC To Maximize Your Search Engine Positioning and ROI

There are many businesses operating on the internet today. Each of these businesses is looking for some form of publicity.  That is why most of them are looking for various strategies that they can use in order to boost their rankings on natural search engine operations.  Search engine rankings are however not very significant.  The visitors that they draw and the resultant growth in business are the most notable benefits.  This is why PPC engines and especially secondary ones are considered as great tools for developing useful online campaign strategies.   This is intended to boost the over return on investment for your business.

Keywords and search terms

The use of proper keywords is one of the most important ingredients of a productive site. Users would use these terms so as to search for the content that is available on your site.  Online tools such as WordTracker might not offer you the best keywords which can elevate your rankings or boost your business ROI.  You need to understand the fact that search positioning is not about generating adequate traffic but rather money. In as much as increased traffic can mean higher income for your business, it is important to understand the kind of keywords that can help you to generate high rates.  This should be the baseline for your SEO campaigns.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a PPC and SEO Agency that provides complete online marketing, pay per click, web design, development and seo service!

Consider the content that you are offering your audience

Pay Per Click (PPC) also marries with the kind of content that is posted on your site. Internet surfers would not be interested in clicking through your site if the content that is posted there is not useful to them. In that case therefore, you need to carry out thorough audience analysis. You need to also take time and understand what kind of people you are communicating to. This will help you to incline and adjust yourself best to offer only information that is useful and makes sense to the readers.


In as much as generation of site traffic is tied to site hits, sites that get more visitors are more likely to generate more ROI.  However, the use of PPC should not just be restricted to generation of income. After getting the right number of people to click through your site and products, you need to also convince them to buy your products or services.  PPC is a good place to start from if you are testing your online presence. You can also use these as an ideal platform for the generation of revenue and leads.


Why Online Business Owners Trust Draw Pictures Ltd?

Draw Pictures Ltd consists of industry experts that are committed to delivering the best possible internet marketing strategies including web development and web design.  They are a UK based SEO company that work with clients all throughout UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Asia and Australia.

So why do businesses from different parts of the world trust Draw Pictures Ltd.?

1. Draw Pictures Ltd. UK portfolio and client testimonials are readily available. Most of the time the decision of online business owners to hire, is based on the company’s previous and current client’s feedback. You can check on the Google rank, link building services and website functionality.

2. Draw Pictures Ltd. can provide the kind of service that is unique to the client’s needs and budget. The company that each business is unique and tools that might work with one might not work with the other.

3. Draw Pictures Ltd. ensures that they are consistently up to date with the latest online marketing strategies and techniques to strengthen a site’s presence in search engines.

4. Draw Pictures Ltd. has years of experience and we all know that SEO experience is one of the most important information that you should know prior to hiring a company. They are aware of which strategies are most effective and which aren’t. Vast experience allows a company to be more organized, more knowledgeable and more strategic.

5. Draw Pictures Ltd. is like a one stop site for all your internet marketing needs. It provides services such as Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Pay Per Click, Submission Services, Search Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Content Management, Shopping Carts, Apps Development, IT Web Consultancy and Content Writing.

6. Draw Pictures Ltd. offers reasonable prices for their services, or even personalizes the search engine optimization strategies within your budget and guarantees to maximize the return of investment at the fastest possible time. You can even request a quote from them, obligation free.

7. Draw Pictures Ltd. is realistic on their assessments but also, prepared on addressing the weaknesses and obstacles. More importantly, the company consistently delivers great results for online businesses.

There are hundreds of SEO Companies that offer the same kind of services but only a few have concrete data to show the level of success. They have exceptional customer service and staff who are experts and are all dedicated to providing the best SEO techniques that will work best on each of their clients.

Tips for Creating SEO Friendly Web Design

Promoting your online business can be challenging, but prior to a lot of seo techniques that you have to focus on, you need to prioritize creating an SEO friendly website. It is the primary tool in showing the details of your products and services.

Having a seo friendly web design on your site will allow you to boost all the other Search engine optimization techniques. So what are the things that you need to consider in creating a seo friendly web design?

1. Primarily, you have to establish what you are aiming for. A lot of online businesses have a clear objective on what their goals are in regards to targeting. The question to ask yourself is, are you targeting a local area, national or international locations? So when designing the layouts and sitemaps, you can begin to create, more over, web pages for content that target these particular keywords based on your research or at least think about where the pages should be placed prior to the launch of the website.

2. You should aim to create a SEO friendly navigation, which means that the search engines should be able to easily follow and read the website through its navigational system. You have to be organized in the internal linking structure which depends on the navigational structure of the site. Another thing about navigational structure is labeling the link clearly; the link should always reflect the content.

3. While images make the website interesting, it could affect the website load time. Make sure that you reduce the file size of the images because users can be very impatient with navigating websites that have sluggish load time, which is never good for search optimisation.

4. Another SEO tool is making sure that Google knows that the website/web page is all about. So the content should consistently be relevant and useful to the user or the web browser. Within the site content, the keyword placement is crucial and here are some of the most effective places to indicate these keywords: Website slogans, title tag, navigation, breadcrumb tails, Meta description and keywords, bullet points, title attribute on links, main website copy, H1 H2 and H3 tags, URLS, internal links, footer links, and folder names.

5. For SEO purposes, sitemaps are created so that the search engines know all about the site’s content. If you increase the site’s exposure to search engines, the greater the possibility that your search engine rank will elevate.

These are just some of the elements that you have to consider when creating a SEO friendly web design. Draw Pictures Ltd – London based SEO Agency in Wimbledon offers are experts when it comes to web design and web development and these experts in creating SEO friendly web designs that guarantee to maximize your online business’ potential.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing SMM pertains to the method of creating website traffic or spark interest through social media websites. This is also utilized by seo marketing firms and the main focus of social media techniques is to generate content, whether it’d be an article or a video that will elicit attention from web browsers and share it on their own social network page.

An email or a message is passed on from one web browser to another and most likely to be spread further as it appears to come from a friend or a credible source. Needless to say, this type of marketing technique is the cheapest or with no cost at all as it only need the “word of mouth” and interesting contents to make it work.

Social media marketing should go hand in hand with search engine optimization if you want the technique to be successful. Coming up with the most interesting articles, images or clips would be futile if the users are not able see the link upon searching.

Social networking sites play a huge role in social media marketing and search engine optimization. When companies or sellers join these sites, they are able to interact with their visitor and client. These sites also provide an avenue for the users to know the details about the product or services that are being offered and now, there are highly advanced technologies that even allow the marketers to analyze the trend in buying, buying signals like questions that are most frequently asked and popular contents that are shared by people.

SEO marketing companies has adopted social media marketing because of its massive impact on search engine ranking. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Blogs, etc. have huge influences on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Social networking is all about spreading anything that is useful, interesting and informative to people. If the content connects with them, then they most likely, share it with their network of friends and followers which means that if you gain popularity and loyalty with these users, then there’s a greater chance of increasing website traffic and may turn a regular user to a paying customer.

As an online marketer who wants to give his or her business a boost to gain more success, there are hundreds of ways to do it and search engine optimization is the most popular and the most effective way to achieve online marketing success. If you choose to hire SEO Experts, certainly, one of the strategies that they will use to establish your website’s reputation is to utilize social networking sites. The mix of the various seo tools and techniques gives the marketer a better chance for a higher profit.

Draw Pictures Ltd are a London based Social media, internet, digital and search engine marketing company specialising in all online marketing and search engine optimisation expertise and provide customers with next-generation online marketing ventures, they also design and develop, useful, net and clean and user and seo friendly websites for businesses from the UK and abroad.

If you therefore wish to interact with UK’s most reputed SEO Company, simply give them a call, request a call back or simply visit there SEO London office in Wimbledon?