Business models of web design source of income

There are many ways to make money online. Web design is also included in them. If you want to start an online business e.g web design and earn money online, then there are many business models of web design available. Here, in this article you will come to know a few.

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Creation, preservation and management of every web design varies sometime and brings profit for you. The business models of web design you select, depends on effort, time, and money you put into it.

Business models of web design

High traffic advertising web design: S

ource of income  

It is mostly used in online business model. It is the source of income for many companies. The websites, which use this model seek a lot of traffic and display some kinds of advertisements on their websites in swap for money.

In this model, income is generated by cost  per click, cost per impression and fixed rate space. Google AdSense makes it easy to add advertising of all kind to any website.

Fee or commission based web design:

eBay best example

This web based model provides a service that makes the transition very easy between the sellers and buyers. A simple, web model brings only sellers & buyers together but the web model of brokerage provides a layer between them. eBay is the best example.

Brokerage websites charge commission or fee for every transition. This is a powerful model of business  web design  because you just deliver technology and do not deal with the actual product.

Merchant web design: A web storefront

It is a business model of web design that is used by major online and services retailers. It is a just web storefront. It is traditionally used for bulk Retail company. This web business model may produce the highest profit, because you own all the sold products and their profit.

Subscription services web design: Used by newspapers and magazines

This kind of business web design companies, charge on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This model is usually used by newspapers and magazines. It is also getting popular with the companies that use a subscription format instead of one time fee.

Affiliate marketing web design: Based on users clicks

This business model web design rewards the owners of websites for just advertising. It is based on users’ sales and clicks on other peoples’ websites, which result from them. If  any company sells its product for 100 pounds with 50% affiliate rate, then on buying, your website will earn 50 pounds for you.

Information resource web design: Also have private information

This business  web design  model earns money by people for information. eMarketers make handsome money by using this model. You can have access to even private information by this model. However, it needs to update daily.


If you want any kind  of business web design, there are a lot of  web design companies  present. They can make websites, as per your requirements.

What exactly is SEO friendly content writing?

Always bear in mind that your main purpose of running a website is to provide information. Whatever type of website you have, you are responsible to create a useful content and an appealing corporate web design.

Probably when you learn SEO techniques, you would have known that your site needs to have as many visitors as it can, so this strategy is being created on it. But an SEO campaign without quality web content would offer you just a short period of success. You may have a good SEO technique that make your site be on the top spot, but you might just get a one-time visitor. The bottom line is that SEO campaign and web contents work together for your site’s success.

Well-written contents and an effective link building will be the best SEO tools you could ever use for your site. What you have to do now is to leave the SEO strategy to the expert you hire, and focus on having an SEO friendly content for your site. These are the common strategies on how to make friendly contents for your site.

Research before you write

This is the most important and the most crucial step in creating contents. Before you write something, you need to focus and research by reading more and more as you can about the trending topics over the net that may be the topic of your contents too. You can also browse forums and look for searchers’ unanswered questions. You may create your contents about that query. When you do that, you already have a person that will surely appreciate your content.

Create content that is relevant

Make sure that your content is relevant and appropriate for the products or services you offer, not just doing the content that are popular topics.

Make your content informative yet interesting to read Provide your readers information but make it in a creative way to avoid boredom from them. Say, your site sell health products, you can create content that just have light product descriptions rather than having lots of scientific and medical terms that only doctors can relate.

Use heart winning titles

Use titles that will capture the attention of readers and will make them read your whole article. But remember that the title must be relevant to the content.

Leave a final impact for the reader

There are lots of artistic ways on how to give a final blow for the content you have. You may leave a question to them like “Now you know how cigarettes can kill you. Will you light another one again tonight?”

This is a tough part for you content creation. This is the part where you can gain the loyalty of your readers.

There are number of seo companies that actually provide search engine and audience friendly content writing service you should look for a local seo company in your area in order to ask their advice or strategies on how they create contents and there are number of questions you can ask an seo company in order to know more about their expertise when it comes to content writing.

I will post another post on how to hire an expert content writer this week. Stay tuned!