I have lost my website Google rankings in January 2016, what should I do?

I have received this email from someone based in Australia

I have lost my rankings and I have not done anything? I have very good quality backlinks which I personally built over the last 5 years, the content on my website and blog publishes useful “how to articles” – Even I am listed in Dmoz, Yahoo, Alexa and other reputed web directories, have a good domain name that is 12 years old, page rank is 8 at the moment, but I can see our keywords “discount toys”, “toys” “buy toys online” and several other keywords variations which were ranking on 1st page on google.com.au have dropped to 280 and higher what should I do?

Answer:  Until you submit your website URL, we are really hard to advice what should be done at this very point of time, but as you are aware  of Google update in December 2015, then in January 2016 and now in 12th February 2016, you might like to wait and watch at the moment and see what happens or whether or not your website returns – as you said you have a good backlinks profile, chances are your website might return but we have to look at the consequences to provide you more information that what needs to be done

We are very popular on twitter, does this count at all, we have over 10,00,000 followers, thousands retweets and so on, massive traffic and good trust over social platforms including Google+, Facebook likes and loads of +1s which are all natural and unique, then why I am hurt?

Answer: Well, these social segments do really count but again, you have to provide us with your usernames for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and find out the real cause to what happened as you stated above

Should I submit website reconsideration request to Google through webmaster tools? I have not received any messages or critical issues, but do you suggest if I should submit this request? I can also see the rankings for our search queries have fallen to 300 or higher and I am so confused

Answer:  No. You should not do it, until unless have personally contacted you or if you have received a message saying, we have found issues with your website, then it makes sense to make a contact with Google or submit a request but what we suggest you is to wait and watch

Should I remove any links, which I have not built but are linking to my website, such as, some people which like our web posts and host them on their blogs?

Answer:  We definitely do not suggest that, as your content was news and buzz worthy to earn links, plus it is a vote that your content was useful enough to be found and hosted, so I would not suggest that at all, until unless you email us with all those links and so we can find out, if they are not coming from bad neighbourhood

I have never done directory submission, article or press release submission or any other type of stupid submissions then why Google has dropped the rankings of our good website?

Answer: As I said, we can only assume at the moment as we do not have the URL of your website, there are number of link analyzer tools, SEOMoz, Aherf, and so on, find out what links are more useful and what are not, if you find links which you think are suspicious, and work on them

You may also send us an email with all those links, URL(s), the keywords that lost their rankings and any other concerns and we will be happy to provide you free seo consulting and analyse and let you know why you have lost your website rankings on Google in January/February 2016

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Opt in list

Ignore this and you’ll be damned! The opt-in-list is one of the most effective tools to use if you are hoping to build a loyal group of subscribers leading to an exponential growth in traffic to your website.  In the current cut throat playing field, to remain competitive you have got to have a wide clientele base and maintain them by keeping them interested in your website through up-to-date and regular periodicals.

You can go further and include free auto-responders on your website to help communicate to your readers on matters that are dear to them, matters that concern them and offer solutions to their problems or at least attempt to.  Examples would include matters touching on health, well-being, home improvements, how-to, among others.

You should be positioned in such a way that your visitors believe in you and always look to you for solutions and new information.

To build an Opt-in-list:

• Have subscription forms appended on your periodicals across the website.  The periodicals should be of articles that would capture your audience, should present information that are frequently searched for and are of high caliber.  To build on this, engage other professional writers who can produce good articles that endear avid readers to your website noting to include these writers in your list as well.  Don’t shy away from seeking the help of the professionals; they are there to help you out.

• You can also attract subscribers by giving away popular incentives which can include publications of valuable information that would interest your target group in PDF format, specific oriented materials that detail information on the particular subject or develop software programs that simplify the search for your visitors.  You can also request your visitors to invite their friends and family in return for something else such as free subscription to magazines.

• Use of the ‘annoying’ pop-ups!  How many times have you tried circumventing a site to avoid these pop-ups?  I know I have, I not only find them annoying but also time consuming.  However, there are occasions I have appreciated having them there because even though unsolicited I end up being directed to a highly informative website when my bid to swat them aside failed.  Add them on and you may be increasing traffic to your site by nudging on even the unwilling souls who silently thank you when they get a new link they readily bookmark.

If you are worried about your website traffic, page rank, and ROI, you should speak to an SEO Company soon in order to know what they can do in order to help you get organic website traffic, rankings and of course ROI.

How to use file and directory names to increase your search engine rankings?

The competition for higher search engine rankings in the internet search engines is becoming intense every day. Many people want their websites to rank first on search engine pages to drive more traffic to their website. They are doing everything to make sure that their websites are being discovered by people.

But there are several factors to consider when enhancing your website rankings on the search engine results. How your site has been built is very important in boosting your website rankings.  Apart from providing relevant content that can attract reasonable traffic, how that content has been presented also plays a big role in boosting your rankings. The naming of file and directories is one area that has been ignored.

Keywords are the most widely used aspect to make your websites appear top on the search engine ranks. Therefore where you place the keyword is also important. So when coming up with the domain name for your company site, you can include the keyword as part of the name, but if you have already registered the domain, then you cannot add the keyword. But all is not lost; you can use the keyword intelligently on other parts of the website and sub domains to fulfill your ambition.

Directory and File Names

Including the keyword to the inner files of the site can also go a long way in helping out. You can even use the keyword in three different parts of your file names. For example if your keyword was ‘skin care’, you might want to come up with a domain like ‘skincare.blah-blah’ and have your other pages named as ‘skincare.com/skin-care/skin-care.html. As you can see your keyword is already repeated three times in your URL.

Suppose you didn’t get ‘skincare.com’ domain, you can still make a file extension like ‘domain.com/skincare/skincare.html. In this case you still have your keyword appearing in part of the URL making your site still high in web page rankings. Include also your keywords on file names. E.g. instead of having ‘home.html’ you can have home/skin-care.html.

But all these tips meant to enhance your website search engine rankings do not provide you with the exception of not providing good content. Even if your page appears high in rankings, when people visit your website and they don’t find relevant information, they will simply go looking for that very information from other websites and that’s where you downfall will begin.

Make a great website and name you files and directories appropriately and you will see traffic flowing. It is suggest that you always hire a SEO Company in order to hep you get an seo friendly web design and development that will help you succeed in online marketing world.