How to use file and directory names to increase your search engine rankings?

The competition for higher search engine rankings in the internet search engines is becoming intense every day. Many people want their websites to rank first on search engine pages to drive more traffic to their website. They are doing everything to make sure that their websites are being discovered by people.

But there are several factors to consider when enhancing your website rankings on the search engine results. How your site has been built is very important in boosting your website rankings.  Apart from providing relevant content that can attract reasonable traffic, how that content has been presented also plays a big role in boosting your rankings. The naming of file and directories is one area that has been ignored.

Keywords are the most widely used aspect to make your websites appear top on the search engine ranks. Therefore where you place the keyword is also important. So when coming up with the domain name for your company site, you can include the keyword as part of the name, but if you have already registered the domain, then you cannot add the keyword. But all is not lost; you can use the keyword intelligently on other parts of the website and sub domains to fulfill your ambition.

Directory and File Names

Including the keyword to the inner files of the site can also go a long way in helping out. You can even use the keyword in three different parts of your file names. For example if your keyword was ‘skin care’, you might want to come up with a domain like ‘skincare.blah-blah’ and have your other pages named as ‘ As you can see your keyword is already repeated three times in your URL.

Suppose you didn’t get ‘’ domain, you can still make a file extension like ‘ In this case you still have your keyword appearing in part of the URL making your site still high in web page rankings. Include also your keywords on file names. E.g. instead of having ‘home.html’ you can have home/skin-care.html.

But all these tips meant to enhance your website search engine rankings do not provide you with the exception of not providing good content. Even if your page appears high in rankings, when people visit your website and they don’t find relevant information, they will simply go looking for that very information from other websites and that’s where you downfall will begin.

Make a great website and name you files and directories appropriately and you will see traffic flowing. It is suggest that you always hire a SEO Company in order to hep you get an seo friendly web design and development that will help you succeed in online marketing world.

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