Reciprocal links, quality and not quality

Link popularity can be a measure of how successful your website is by indicating the number of web owners who link your site to theirs.  Professional web owners cannot link to your site if it is of low quality content, with nothing valuable to offer or does not conform to their status.  To increase your website link building popularity, you should also endeavor to engage other external sites which are willing to reciprocate links with you in a professional and ethical way (Highly Suggested)!

They should be ranked either at your level or higher but not lower than you.  They should be of good reputation and from a trusted source.  Reciprocating links are not always the best but if you are able to get quality stuff then good for you, just go for it.  This immensely improves on the quality of your site as well which in turn can bring in the huge numbers of visitors you have been dying to receive.

Do not however rule out all the lower ranked web pages until you ascertain that it is not just a portion of the site that is so adversely ranked.  The rest of the webpages could be at par or better than yours.  The poorly rated site could be as a result of malice by other web owners who they have reciprocated links with and are giving them a bad image.

In as much as you want good quality linkages to your site, these links should be having contents that are in line with what you do, add value to what you already have and probably targeting the same population for them to be invaluable and of course improve your website.

Avoid crowding your site with unnecessary links that do not add value to your website.  Also to avoid are reciprocal partners who instead of helping build you actually try to destroy you by manipulating your links which are attached to their sites.

Having a big quantity of off shore materials yet the quality are poor only aggravates the problem and does not encourage visitors to your site.  Be selective; set your bar high and only take what makes you look good, the contents should be search engine friendly and also user friendly.

It is better to have less but of high quality than too much quantity but of poor quality.  Your visitors will appreciate being directed to sites that are meaningful and have accurate information in addition to practicing best internet practice.

It is highly suggested that you hire a link building company that actually provides you one way, natural and organic fresh links using brand new and compelling content.

How to create great backlinks to your website?

The process of generating traffic for a website starts and ends with content and link building. If these are not done as they are supposed to be done, your site will be lagging behind in search engines. The number of those finding their ways to your site will dwindle and sales will be affected negatively.

How it works

Back linking is one sure way to generate traffic for your site. It involves placing a link to your website on another person’s website. The site on which you are placing your link should be a very popular site that generates lots of traffic itself. The huge number of visitors paying visit to the site will see the great content you have placed there and then click their ways to your site if they find the information wonderful and they want to have more.

Where to place links

Backlink can be built using different methods. You can put up a highly qualitative article and include hypertext links within the body of the content you have created. Post such content on article, social, press releases, directories and other resources online to be viewed by those who visit such a site for related information.

Discussion forums

Further more, you can register as a member of a forum. The forum you register on should be related to what you have on your website.  Read through any of the postings on the forum and provide helpful hints. While doing this, include a backlink to your website.  If any of the readers find your content very interesting, he or she will want to click on the link you provide.

Backlink can also be placed in your signature instead of the main content you have posted on the forum.  But some of the forums out there have regulations as regards inclusion of signature. You are expected to have been a member for a given period of time before you can be given the benefit of including signature.

Blogging your way to traffic

Backlink can also be placed on blogs. You can decide to set up a blog and put SEO Optimised Content on the blog. The backlink placed in the content can be redirected to your site. You can also post comments on other popular blogs for the same purpose. Search for blogs that discuss things related to what you have on your site and post comments on such blogs. Make sure you include backlinks to your site within the comment.

If this is something you think time taking, then it is suggested that you hire a good SEO Company and let them build effective backlinks to your website which will increase the traffic to your website, as well as top search engine rankings – you and your business deserves!

How to Win Links & Influence Search Engines

We all want our websites to rank on top 10 search engines.  Unfortunately it is not that easy, if it was then the top 10 rankings would be a crowded field! For now to appear within the top of the rankings you would have to work a little bit harder. There are several ways that you can try to build your links to appear on to top rankings. Below are just but a few ways;

Reciprocal Link Building

The most important ways to make reciprocal link building a success are:-

Make your site relevant – People who visit your site should find the site to be interesting. This will ensure repeat visitors and enhance traffic to your site

Page Rankings – Make sure your page is high on search engines ranking. This will mean building less links.

Create links within the content – Such links are given more priority than ones created through directory style links

Number of links per page and positioning – It is more valuable for your link to appear at the top of the page with less links than at the bottom with many links.

How your link building is done – Ensure that your links are related to your website content. This will drive more visitors to your site.

Non-Reciprocal Link Building

Some of the ways non reciprocal link building is done include and is not limited to:- Directory submissions – Submitting your site to directories is the most effective way to build your link. Use popular directories e.g. Yahoo or DMOZ. Some offer free service e.g. DMOZ but are equally effective.

Articles – Write article for blogs, web content, newsletters etc. and you will see traffic flow into your website. Some of the benefits in using articles in link building are;

- The topic that you write about and the link on your site will be directly related hence driving traffic to your site

- You can link your article to more than one site hence enhancing your traffic flow and link build to many sites

- The link will be non-reciprocal -

Quality content – It is important that the content you provide interest the readers. Some people might link to your site simply because they found useful information on your site. That’s why thousands of sites link to Wikipedia hence driving heavy traffic to Wikipedia. Assuming you have a site like Wikipedia then you will be a successful internet blogger!

To successfully influence the search engines and improve your search engine rankings, you would want to use more than one method of link building.

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A Beginners Guide to Link Building

Before we go into the basic steps of link building, we must first understand the meaning of link building.  In simple terms, it is the process of linking your pages with others in order to improve its rankings against search engines results. The more links you have from quality sites, the higher your rankings in search results.  To get more insights into what link building is, you need to understand how it works.

It takes time to build a link. It does not happen overnight because search engines take a while before they can crawl the web and identify new links or indexes. It might be several days to weeks before you can start seeing the results.  During the first weeks, you may also experience inconsistencies in ranking due to stiff competition, types of links, keywords difficulties, and aggressiveness of the link building process among many other factors.

When the search engines are identifying the value of the links, they consider a lot of factors; these include and are not limited to:

Domain Authority: – This refers to the measure of links importance in the domain. To define domain authority the following factors are used:

- Google page rankings

- Social popularity

- Domain age

- Traffic

- Back links

- Number of ranking keywords

Relevance: – Refers to the degree of relationship over the target site and the originating linking site.

Another aspect to understand about link building is page ranking and link popularity. PageRank is a measure of the value of a particular page based on the quantity and quality of the pages linking to it. PageRank is a numeric value that ranges from 1 to 10 while link popularity is a measure of both the number and quality of links pointing a webpage.

We also have anchor text optimization as another important metric in link building. It refers to strategically placing keywords on the links that point to your website. It is a highly effective way of enhancing your web page rankings. Link baiting is another commonly used metric. This one refers to content posted to a website to encourage more people to visit the website and to deepen the brand of the website.

NoFollow links and DoFollow links are also used in link building. “NoFollow” links refer to links that contain the rel=”nofollow” attribute inside the html link code. Links that do not contain the rel=”nofollow” attribute are often referred to as do follow, DoFollow, or Followed links. These links pass PageRank.

These are just but a few link building basics, there are more metrics associated with link building that enhance this process.

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