Is slow and steady seo and link building the way forward?

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation) and link building, there is a constant debate as to whether slow and steady or fast and furious is the best approach. As the saying famously goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

This will always be the case with SEO and link building, because this is the best way to build quality sites and links rather than sacrificing this in favour of sheer quantity. Here are just a few of the main reasons why slow and steady is the way forward for quality SEO and link building services:

Google Penalises Speed

Due to the not so ethical SEO and link building strategy used not so long ago, and unfortunately still used today, by marketers involving implementing thousands of poor quality backlinks in an attempt to speedily increase website search engine rankings, Google are now wary of speedy growth in links. And rightly so.

Due to this, it is advisable to focus on not the quantity of links but the quality, and try to increase your number of links by no more than around 5% or 10% month to month.

Your competitors may have 100,000 links and you may only have 2,000, but don’t be tempted to hurry to catch up. Chances are most of their links will not be quality anyway.

For example, if my competition on average has over 100,000 links when I only have 1000, my first instinct maybe to build links really fast and catch up. In an ideally world, that would work, but it isn’t the case with Google.

Quality over Quantity

Aiming to have a specific number of links on a website will no longer help. As mentioned before, quantity and speed are two things Google are no longer happy about and are cracking down on sites with these attributes.

Ethical link building and quality content is the way forward for SEO. It isn’t about the number of keywords or links anymore. It’s about the quality of the links built and how well written the wording on the site is, so the best aim to have is to ensure all links and content are relevant and of a high quality rather than in high quantities.

A Link a Day Keeps Google at Bay

The best advice anyone has ever given me regarding SEO and link building services? Aim to add one high quality link per day, no more, no less. This will give you a small and realistic goal to work towards, and your rankings will improve far faster than if you added 50 poor quality links in one day.

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