Online brand management with the help of SEO consulting

In these days, online brand management is not all about brand logos and their proper colours or making sure your website is state-of-the-art. Now, search engine marketing is an important part of Internet marketing.

So business owners are turning to search engine optimisation consulting companies to get help in managing their brands properly and for getting their brands found at the top position, on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO consulting helps you to manage your online brand by the following ways:

Optimise your pages for higher ranking in search engine

Search engine optimisation consulting agencies work closely with you to show how your brand is positioned and accepted online. They help your business keep up with advanced analytics and monitoring tools.

They also help you see which pages are giving a good performance in search engine and which are failing.

SEO consulting firms find out which keywords or search words are being used by the majority of the customers then they optimise your pages in order to compete and emerge at the top position of the search engine rankings.

Bring more traffic to your website

SEO consulting firms help you to improve your brand rankings on the main search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. In a result, you get more traffic to your site. The more traffic the most interested customers definitely and eventually more profit to your company.

Provide reverse search engine optimisation services

SEO consulting firms provide proactive brand strategies to beat negative search results. Unfortunately, if people start giving bad comments about your brand or company online, and these bad comments start showing up in any search engine results, then you may have damaging impact on your brand or company. Here, SEO consulting firm can provide reverse search engine optimisation services to push such negative results off a front page as well as out of your clients’ minds.

Guide about new technologies properly

SEO consulting firms help you in building your brand credibility, loyalty and acceptance. All these things are very important for both small and large organisations. They are not only SEO and analytics masters but also help you with social media promotions and blog writing, both have become important nowadays.

A good and professional SEO consulting agency guides you about new technologies properly to reach potential customers.


Thanks to new technologies, now you can get online services for your brand management. If you are starting a new business or expanding it, then you can get benefit from the strategies of organic search engine optimisation consulting firms.

Internet Marketing, An act of promoting services and products using Internet

Internet Marketing is very extensive, term which covers lots of areas. All the marketing  areas that are used to market, services or products, on the Internet is called Internet marketing. It works on two aspects, paid and unpaid/organic.

Paid Internet Marketing

The paid resources on Internet marketing are the Yahoo, Bing ads, Google AdWords, Linkedln, Search engine ads, Facebook social media ads and Twitter.

Unpaid Internet Marketing

The unpaid Internet marketing includes social media and search engine optimisation. However, search engine optimisation, is most affordable for Internet marketing.

You need to understand some useful Internet marketing related concepts like:

Search Engine Optimisation: Promotes Website

SEO makes your website search engine friendly and increases visibility of your website on the search engine as well. You should select an SEO Expert who can promote your site by choosing appropriate keywords, related to business. Once you get listed your website on Yahoo or Google, it starts having traffic and RO1 and  your business sales start to increase.

Social Media Optimisation: Find Site by Social Media

SMO makes your website social media friendly. The users can find your website through social media. If you desire to make your website more visible in social media such as, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Linkedln and MySpace, then you should increase presence on all these platforms.

Search Engine Marketing: Utilise Paid advertising Channels

SEM, it utilises paid search advertising channels such as, Facebook ads, MySpace ads, Linkedln ads, Bing ads, Twitter ads and Digg promoted story etc.

Email Marketing: Sell Products Commercially

Email marketing is also a kind of Internet marketing. You may use email marketing for selling your products commercially as an affiliate or vender. It is very useful for people who are running online businesses.

Affiliate Internet Marketing: Useful for Beginner Marketers

Affiliate Internet marketing is a type of Internet marketing promotes services and products that you don’t own. When you send traffic to merchants’ product and as a result, any sales occur, then you will be paid. This kind  of marketing is useful for intermediate and beginner marketers. You do not need to create, own products and learn about Internet marketing areas like, product delivery, writing webcopy, recruiting affiliates and technical support.

Video Internet Marketing: Advertise Services Products

It is very popular in these days. You can advertise your services and products by producing useful videos.

Internet Marketing Learing Involves

Internet marketing, learning involves following things:

• Take notes whatever you want to market

• Review these notes on regular basis

• Put your applications in regular practice

• Record and review actions

• Do adjustment if needed and apply again


When you are done with creating your products you need to present, these products to the public. Sure, Internet marketing is really a best tool for this purpose, because it is able to promote, your offers, business, services and websites.

Effective Search Engine Marketing Promotes Websites and Makes it More Profitable

Search Engine Marketing term is used for website marketing; it might include SEO (Search engine Optimisation. It is a kind of Internet marketing maneuver, which aims to promote the  website by raising its visibility in SERP (search engine result pages) by contextual ad placement and paid user-based inclusion.

When you do, search engine marketing, consistently and correctly, it promotes your business and website, in a result, you get quick and huge, long term traffic to website. However, you also need to create, an efficient marketing strategy and its implementation. How can you do search engine marketing?

You can do SEM by free and paid methods:

Free Method: a Very Popular Method

Search engine optimisation, which includes on & off page optimisation. It also includes many link building methods and social media marketing methods. This is a very popular method. However, it is a very time-consuming method that provides slow results, in a result, your site gets loads of traffic for free if you have optimised the right search terms as I have mentioned in my previous post on how to choose the right search terms for your website optimisation needs.

If you show patience and struggle persistently, you will definitely have some results that will make you able, to create some marketing budget. When you have some money, you can then also spend on paid ads, such as ppc, this method will become a primary marketing method for you.

Paid Advertisements Method: Automates Marketing Efforts

This method includes contextual ad placement, pay per impression, pay per click as well as  other kind of media buys. It automates the whole marketing efforts and makes you free from doing manual tasks like, link building and content creation for promoting your site.

You would  also get extremely high targeted traffic to your website. As a result, you will have more sales and of course, more money for re-investment to grow your business.

Search engine marketing provides you many benefits such as:

• It is cost-effective, because you will be charged when your ads get clicked and any user go to your website. Here, you do not pay, even a single penny. You have to pay only on a result or click on an ad.

• By  SEM technique and method you can target traffic to a website.

• When you get many visitors to your website you have lots of opportunities to transfer your visitors to paying customers. Thus your sales get increased.

• It is used to create PPC advertising, mostly in industrial advertising and marketing communities.

• It is an easy way for looking products and information.

• It is an excellent way for advertisers to find and get potential customers.


You should not always try to get to the top position of search engine, rather than, you should provide readers important information, good advices and good copy. If you provide them these things they will be loyal to you forever, because they will realize that you’re not only trying to sell your service and product but you really want to share services with them.

The link building strategies

Link building is extremely vital for either an individual or a business that have a website. Using the method one is able to drive large numbers of traffic toward the respective websites.

Before the process begins the owner should make sure that they have the knowledge to perform and execute such tasks. Without any knowledge, the person can be sure of having one of the difficult challenges of running the website. Therefore, some consultation needs to be done in order for the person to achieve his or her goal.

However, learning how to build links for the website is not a hard task and thus one can learn easily. With the help of a professional, one can be sure of having many visitors into their websites. Due to the changing face of the search engine marketing, one should ensure that all the strategies employed are fair enough to compete against the competitors.

Some of the modern strategies, that ensure an effective link building, may include the fact that one should ensure that navigation is more spider able  Here, the person should use image based navigation or a text based navigation. The image navigation should have a relevant ALT attribute attached to each of them. Breadcrumbs are known to be effective internal linking implement. One should purposely use them for anchor text differentiation.

Furthermore, in content links higher rates and add more relevance are some of the vital features possessed. This can be applied in their areas respectively to support the whole process. Also, one should include a sitemap which serves the role of guiding all visitors and thus extremely useful for all the parties involved. One should be able to only link all the relevant pages to the website.

The person builds linking is advised to be consistent in linking behavior. One should always use the same link in order to reduce the rate of confusion among consumers or readers. Moreover, the person should choose the best and appropriate home page.

Finally, the person should ensure that all the identified pages are well hooked up to a website. The person should ensure that there is a smooth flow of how the information. The content should be breathtaking and fascinating.

Moreover, the process should be carried out in a more optimized way. If such process is achieved, then an elephantine mass of traffic may be achieved easily. If the visitors increase, the level of that business increases too.

It is suggest that you hire a professional link building company in order to help you get one way links that will increase your website traffic, possibly search engine rankings as well as  roi i.e. (return on investment)

Can Search Engine Marketing Be An Alternative To SEO?

If you have been desperately trying to get high rankings in Google and other search engines without much success there is always an option to tap on the power of internet through Search engine marketing. So what exactly is it and can it really be an alternative to good old fashioned SEO and its related tactics?

Well you have to admit the fact that maintaining page one search engine rankings is a tough ordeal and in most cases online marketers are spending decent amounts for SEO services. There are many cases where rankings are there in high level till the time you keep on spending good amounts. If spending is what has to be done then why not spend directly on paid search engine marketing and get your ads out there on the first page?

Will search engine marketing work?

Working possibilities of paid search engine marketing services are quite high since you are already there on the high ranks right from day one till the time you have the deal. However, there is no guarantee that traffic will be coming but if you look it in this way, there is no guarantee with Optimization services too. And seriously if you are not getting the sales and revenues even after being there on the top page, you better check out on the kind of website you are having. Problems with web design and other navigation aspects can seriously dent the possibilities of getting successful sales through any of the methods that you may be employing.

What’s the best solution?

It is better to go with an overall comprehensive outlook and take the services of professional search engine marketing companies that will mix both SEO and search marketing so as to get the best results. The best thing is that if there are any flaws regarding web designs and other technical aspects these will be easily removed. You cannot just think that search marketing will be everything that is needed and SEO has gone into the brink of extinction.

You never know which strategy works in best possible manner and it is essential to experiment with possibilities. But before you go all out for paid services, consider a retrospection of website content and make sure that you have a target audience to work upon. Work for people not search engines as this is an age of organic traffic and loyal customers.

What is meant by search marketing?

Many people may define search engine marketing as the ability to drive a crazy traffic towards a certain website. Nowadays, this term is commonly known as search marketing. However, search engine marketing is a term that covers two wide areas which include gaining much traffic through the application of free SEO efforts and gaining traffics via paid search marketing. Generally, search engine marketing can be described as a form of internet advertising method that encompasses the promotion of web sites. Through this website promotion, the visibility increases at a higher rate than before. Moreover, the tool enables a website to achieve a higher ranking in all the search engine results pages.

There are numerous benefits that can be enjoyed as a result of incorporating this tool of marketing into a business. In addition, the method needs a person to be creative and innovative when implementing ideas. New ideas need to be introduced in an effective and attractive manner. A regular maintenance should be performed on the site to drive an increase in website traffic. The maintenance practices comprise adding new, informative articles, blogs and even content on the website. Nevertheless, one should perform a thorough research on every idea to be incorporated. Consulting profession in the field can serve as a venue of creative opinions.

When search marketing is involved, powerful keywords must be applied. For such assistance, SEO Companies specializing in the field should be referred. The agencies deal with website services such as reviewing the site content and structure, content development, keyword research, SEO training and many other maintenance services. Usually, Google search results pages comprise of paid advertisement and organic search results. Therefore, a business that observes this form marketing and apply it in their operations can be sure of having optimal traffic on their website. Many people lack the knowledge and thus fail to attain their objectives and goals. The advantages of using Google as a host for the website may be affordability and maximum traffic.

There is a wide range of hosts operating nowadays. Therefore, a business should consider selecting the best host depending on its motives. Experts can provide some guidelines on the best host to be selected. Costs incurred may be taken into consideration. The cheapest and unique host can be picked. In order for clients to trace the business easily, one may include all the necessary contact information. Through the search engine marketing, the business can easily communicate with the clients via the internet.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is a kind of online marketing that entails the promotion of sites by elevating their visibility to search engines through search engine optimization (offsite and onsite seo) and also, through placing advertisements.

SEM can also be defined as a variety of methods for marketing a site like SEO, which adopts content of website to reach high rank in SERP or search engine page results, or it may differ with pay per click advertisement that solely focuses on paid elements.

What are the different search engine marketing metrics and methods?

1. Keyword search and analysis consist of a few steps. First, is making sure that the website can be distinguished in the search engines, Second, looking for the most popular keywords for the website and its products and finally, utilizing those keywords on the website in a way that will result to site traffic.

2. Site dissemination and popularity, in seo terms, is described as a presence of the website in search engines. It can be determined and analyzed by the number of web pages of the website that are ranked on search engines and the number of backlinks the website has. It needs pages to indicate keywords people are interested in or looking for and guarantee that they rank on top of the search engine results. A lot of search engines contain some form of link status in their ranking algorithms. The major tools in gauging different aspects of website dissemination and popularity are Top 10 Google analysis, Search Engine Saturation, Link Popularity and Market leap’s link popularity.

3. Back end tools offer data on the site and its web browsers and helps in the success of a site to be gauged. From simple traffic occurrence to tools that functions with log files and to far advanced tools that is the basis of page tagging. These tools can provide information that are conversion related.

Search Engine Marketing has a broader discipline that includes search engine optimization. It contains both organic search results (SEO) and paid search results. SEM makes use of advertising with Bing Ads, pay per click or AdWords, advertising and article submission and makes sure that search engine optimization has been accomplished. A keyword search and analysis is applied for both SEM and SEO but not simultaneously. Both SEO and SEM require constant monitoring and updating to indicate best techniques and practices.

Draw Pictures Ltd. not only provides assessment and strategic advice to help online businesses generate profit but this SEO Company ensures delivery of good results.

Benefits of Multilingual SEO

The need for multilingual websites is rapidly increasing and will continue to elevate in the following years as people are grasping that internet shopping or deals have massive benefits like comfort, product and service selections, and convenience. Another thing you have to know is that although English might be the most popular online language, in reality, 63% of the world population speaks a different language.

As a result, businessmen are opting to put up or shift into online industry as well. And these are only two of the numerous reasons why international businesses opt to hire search engine optimisation companies that offer services for multilingual seo.

SEO marketing companies are experts on the different techniques that industries should have to be in tune with multilingual website necessities. First approach is to have a website that is specific to a country and have localized details along with SEO expertise set mapped locally.

Next approach is to have a main website in English, then have it translated to different languages. SEO Firms with multilingual SEO Services helps in the maintenance and improvement of such websites. It’s difficult to maintain these kinds of websites because keyword sample size that is accessible for local languages will be insignificant compared to choices in English.

In link building, there would only be a few websites that the multilingual site’s link can possible be mapped with. And this challenging task is the reason why hiring Multilingual SEO services might be the best option for international businesses.

Thos reputable multilingual SEO firms are competent enough to identify not only the major languages in a particular country but also the dialects within the location. That way the targeted customers or users will be maintained.

Those companies who aim to reach online customers globally should focus on these multilingual seo techniques to ensure long term results in creating constant website traffic and strengthening the online presence of the company.

Here are more reasons why hiring a multilingual seo can be beneficial for international businesses:

1. Because you are able to give the details for your products and services in the web browsers native language, increase in your website’s traffic will definitely increase. You can elevate your website or website’s hits to at least 25%.

2. If you are aiming to expand your business globally, this is the way to go. The return for investing in hiring an firm that offers multilingual SEO is worth it.

3. It can improve on your branding globally and it will elicit client loyalty.

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