Internet Marketing, An act of promoting services and products using Internet

Internet Marketing is very extensive, term which covers lots of areas. All the marketing  areas that are used to market, services or products, on the Internet is called Internet marketing. It works on two aspects, paid and unpaid/organic.

Paid Internet Marketing

The paid resources on Internet marketing are the Yahoo, Bing ads, Google AdWords, Linkedln, Search engine ads, Facebook social media ads and Twitter.

Unpaid Internet Marketing

The unpaid Internet marketing includes social media and search engine optimisation. However, search engine optimisation, is most affordable for Internet marketing.

You need to understand some useful Internet marketing related concepts like:

Search Engine Optimisation: Promotes Website

SEO makes your website search engine friendly and increases visibility of your website on the search engine as well. You should select an SEO Expert who can promote your site by choosing appropriate keywords, related to business. Once you get listed your website on Yahoo or Google, it starts having traffic and RO1 and  your business sales start to increase.

Social Media Optimisation: Find Site by Social Media

SMO makes your website social media friendly. The users can find your website through social media. If you desire to make your website more visible in social media such as, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Linkedln and MySpace, then you should increase presence on all these platforms.

Search Engine Marketing: Utilise Paid advertising Channels

SEM, it utilises paid search advertising channels such as, Facebook ads, MySpace ads, Linkedln ads, Bing ads, Twitter ads and Digg promoted story etc.

Email Marketing: Sell Products Commercially

Email marketing is also a kind of Internet marketing. You may use email marketing for selling your products commercially as an affiliate or vender. It is very useful for people who are running online businesses.

Affiliate Internet Marketing: Useful for Beginner Marketers

Affiliate Internet marketing is a type of Internet marketing promotes services and products that you don’t own. When you send traffic to merchants’ product and as a result, any sales occur, then you will be paid. This kind  of marketing is useful for intermediate and beginner marketers. You do not need to create, own products and learn about Internet marketing areas like, product delivery, writing webcopy, recruiting affiliates and technical support.

Video Internet Marketing: Advertise Services Products

It is very popular in these days. You can advertise your services and products by producing useful videos.

Internet Marketing Learing Involves

Internet marketing, learning involves following things:

• Take notes whatever you want to market

• Review these notes on regular basis

• Put your applications in regular practice

• Record and review actions

• Do adjustment if needed and apply again


When you are done with creating your products you need to present, these products to the public. Sure, Internet marketing is really a best tool for this purpose, because it is able to promote, your offers, business, services and websites.

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