Difference between SEO and PPC?

Today in this modern period, internet marketing business is now on the hot spot. Probably, most of the businesses today of any types and sizes have already built their websites, or planning to create one. Website is a great way of marketing all your products and services being offered. Here, you can put brochures, order form and suggestion box. But, no matter how your website may look so perfectly built, if you fail to attract customers, your website together with your business will surely suffer.

In promoting your website to gain visitors, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) strategies are important. These would be the best internet marketing tools your website could ever have if you manage to use them properly. Both of these strategies are valuable and helpful in providing you higher search engine rankings and more numbers of visitors but somehow, they differ from each others.

SEO and PPC works in a different manner. SEO focuses on the content and structure of the website, and creates keywords that must be unique and valuable to enable high rank in Google search ranks and other search engines. SEO also utilizes the quality and the quantity if links that are coming into your site. On the other hand, the PPC focuses on creating advertisements by building set of keywords to be used as links that would return to the site.

These two strategies have different time frames in terms of building and their effectiveness. SEO takes longer process in creating and establishing the technique in your website while in PPC, it takes lesser time to create and it will make more visitors in faster way. However, SEO that is established has longer validity and effectiveness. Meaning, even you stop doing the SEO, your site may be able to continue its high rank result in the searches, but you must be aware of changes in algorithm of the search engines that may affect the SEO strategy of your site.

While in PPC, when you stop working on it, your visibility automatically stops. Therefore, SEO is applicable for businesses that seek longer visibility, while PPC is appropriate for businesses that are seasonal or have new products to be launched.

Cost of investment of these strategies differs too. We all know that search engine optimization price is free, if you do it yourself; you are only paying for the services of your SEO Company you hire. In PPC, you need to pay the website or search engines that you you are advertising your business on, every time someone clicks your ads.

SEO and PPC are both helpful in gaining visitors and customers but in different ways. The best way for you to see whether SEO or PPC suits your business is to use and test them both, anyway your investment will help you in the long run of your business.

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