Proven seo service, Introducing cheap seo service package plans for small businesses

Draw Pictures Ltd (SEO Consultants) – Brighton, UK based SEO Agency is helping businesses succeed online. They have introduced very useful and proven seo service at the prices small and medium businesses can afford.

If you are looking for an honest seo company that provides free seo consultancy and are happy to disclose what they will do to help you get search engine rankings on Google – Then Draw Pictures Ltd.

Please see below some of the results achieved by us

Website URL:            

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Cheap Coach Hire  #1

Coach Hire   #2

Coach Company  #3

Coach Hire Brighton  #1

Coach Companies  #4

Budget Coach Hire  #1

Discount Coach Hire  #2

Ps: An old customer using our seo services, we have been providing seo service to since 2008 till to date – We have ranked hundreds of keywords, has provided proven seo service to their friends, family members and loved one’s and are one of the most experienced transportation seo services firm specialising in seo for taxi, minicab, minibus and coach hire businesses from the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Website URL:

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Cheap Airport Taxi            #1

Cheap Airport Minicab      #1

Brighton Airport Cars         #1

Heathrow Airport Taxi       #3

Gatwick Airport Taxi          #3

Stansted Airport Taxi        #3

Luton Airport Taxi             #3

Brighton Airport Transfers  #9

Brighton Airport Taxi          #11

Ps – This website used to rank nowhere in July. We have started to provide seo service to this customer in July 2015 and have achieved these rankings in some months. We can see over 900% increase in enquires, traffic and overall success online –

What our customers say about our seo services?

* Draw Pictures Ltd are one of the best online marketing agency, they know what they are doing and they have always proved it – John Laws

* Robert and his team are one of the best people in entire SEO Industry! – Adam Milton

* Robert has worked very closely to find out what we are looking for – all the strategies he has built for our business has worked out and I am glad to say, I have found them very hardworking, very polite and very professional as a matter of fact – Renato Hudson  

* I have found Draw Pictures Online in Google when I have been looking for “SEO Service” in my area, I wanted to hire a “Local SEO Company” but their answers to my questions have enabled me to hire their seo service, they are great people with pleasing personalities. – Stevenson

If you would like to see our seo portfolio or seo testimonials, please go to our website

We have introduced a new package for small businesses.

We will write 3 useful how to articles about your business, products or services, articles are sent to you for your review and concerns and approval. These 3 articles will be submitted on 3 quality and clean article sites.

Write 3 newsworthy press releases about your business, products and services, press releases are sent to you for your review and concerns and even approval. These press releases will be then submitted on 3 clean press release sites.

Submit 50 local web directories (we will write unique titles and descriptions for every directory submitted on the web – Our submission team will hand submit all web directories to neat, clean and useful directories with age, page rank and traffic.

Submit  30 Social bookmarking on neat, clean and useful social bookmarking sites with age, page rank and traffic, please note, they write unique titles, description and choose tags for your listing, all hand submitted

Submit 30 local classified ads that accept links, have good traffic, age, domain history, traffic and local search queries on those classified ads websites.

They will write 20 useful reviews about your business written by native English speakers.

They will build 20 niche backlinks with page rank, age, domain history and traffic

6 Documents sharing, sharing your articles and press releases over 6 documents sharing sites

Image Submission, submitting your logo on 10 image submission sites

20 Forum Signatures from niche forums

20 blog comments on niche blogs

10 yahoo questions or answers

10 YouTube video comments on niche movies

6 Link Wheel Backlinks a Month

You get:        200+ backlinks a month from unique and quality domains

You pay:       £400 a month

Reports:        On weekly and monthly basis (we email you report on every Saturday and full and final report on the end of every month.

Invoices:        You receive pro-forma invoice and invoice!

We suggest that you do proper keyword research or ask us to do free keyword research on your behalf. Provide us 10 keywords, we will send you a report about your current rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo, what is your page rank, Alexa Rank and Links in Google before starting your seo campaign.

We send weekly work reports and final report on the end of every month!

We assure you that in next couple of months, you will see a good amount of traffic, enquires increase, page rank and ROI increase, as well as Top Search Engine Rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

If you want to see more rankings we have achieved recently, please get in touch with us on our free phone 07375 320305, via mobile on 07907 004090 or send us an email at and we will be happy to send you rankings of our customers that has not signed “NDA” (Non Disclosure Agreement)

If you are calling for seo from abroad, please call on +44 (0)7375 320305 and speak to our friendly seo consultants based in Wimbledon, Brighton, Great Britain

How small businesses can benefit from SEO?

Business, especially small and new, in this modern era is commonly partnered with internet and website. A website is the business owner’s key to succeed. The success of the business depends on the success or the popularity of your website too. Absolutely, you want your business to be known and visited by your potential customers. But this is a very big world with lots of competitors.

Your site might not always be visible on the first page of Google or Yahoo, so you might lose numerous customers because of that. The solution to your business problem is the SEO. This would give you many benefits for your site. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is an effective way of increasing visitors of your site or blog, thus increasing the chance of having higher profit for your business.

SEO is a technical process of improving the traffic in your site. An effective SEO strategy will get you on top of the search engine rankings, like Google. Probably, SEO strategy for your small business is the lowest price you could ever afford. In having a website with a great SEO strategy, you don’t need to rent a place on a typical market to place all your items to be sold. You can place your items in your site, and the SEO strategy will make your products popular to searchers and online shoppers. Small business search engine optimisation will give you higher and faster returns on investment than any other marketing strategies.

Using an SEO for your sites, you won’t need to pay advertisements on your local newspaper to make your business popular to local buyers. The business will also have better and promotion through internet. SEO also provide a non-stop marketing. Imagine if you would pay personnel to work for your 24-hour small business, that would take you higher cost. In having a site with good SEO, the site would run for 24 hours a day and customers will be able to shop from your business anytime they want! As a small business owner, you might not have enough knowledge on having SEO for your site.

You can hire an expert, yet cheap SEO service provider that will help you. In this way, you can have your time stay focus on other aspects of the business, while the SEO will make the money for you! Typically, for a small business, you need to target only local visitors and local buyers near you. A local SEO Company perfectly fits for this kind of business you have.