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Yesterday I have received over 20 calls on my extension (07375 320305 extension: 1) from new businesses from London, Surrey and few from Scotland and Wales. And I must admit 12 of those customers have been recommend by word of mouth or from our customers that have been previously or currently using our seo services

It is great, is not it? Unlike other seo companies our main aim have never been to take on every single project to make a good money out of it but to provide our customers with good price, fast support and above all the service that helps them grow

Many SEO Companies now a day’s speak a lot on how big they are – We are literally very small when it comes to prices and we are big on all our services including backlinks creation, seo and online marketing

I think, the main reason why our customers never leave us (I have not seen any till date) is because we quote realistic prices (much cheaper seo services than any other English seo companies), we return emails and calls in normally just matter of few minutes, our reporting system is designed to provide customers with weekly and monthly reports and also because our seo consultants are more than happy to speak with customers, answer all their questions and even go and visit their offices if need to provide training and support – We do not mind!

I am personally up and running (Open till late like an off licence shop) until late and main reason why I do this is to answer our customers emails, ensure their seo campaigns are going as smooth as we promised, look for something better, make notes and discuss with our seo team next day – and to be honest our seo prices and package plans for search engine optimisation service, web design, backlinks creation and online marketing are what you hardly pay in the UK (We are based in Wimbledon) so if other SEO Companies are just charging higher rates because of their prominent location – That is not an excuse or is it?

There are many innocent seo customers who do not know much about seo and web design and how online marketing works and this is where these dodgy seo companies quote them shocking prices! I wish all seo customers that opt to a seo service should study these 12 key questions to ask your prospective SEO Agency

But again SEO Business has both good and bad reputation, and these bad seo guys should be blamed – Many businesses do not use seo services anymore because they have received a warning or their website have been banned by these “bad seo persons”

If you wish to avoid disappointment, you should local for a SEO Consultant that actually delivers!

If you need help with seo, backlinks or content creation, you can just give me a call and I would be more than glad to answer your questions, I can be reached at

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Good Luck and Power to you and your business!