5 Good Backlinks Vs 500 authority but Paid backlinks

I was up until 3am last night. I have been looking in to something and I think, I now have a reason to write this blog post for all my lovely readers from all over the world and Thank you for dozens feedbacks I have received for my previous post

I have been very happy with a Scotland based SEO Company in Glasgow was doing pretty well for keywords like “SEO UK” – “SEO Company” – “SEO Companies” and also “SEO Services” and it was more than just great for a website just 6 months old. I have looked in to the work they have been doing and found that the main resources they were relying on seo was directory and article writing and submission

Fair enough for a start. This company has achieved top 3 and #1 rankings on the above keywords which were more than great for the work they have done and I am sure they must have received several genuine business leads too. But curiosity is a bad thing

2 Months after this SEO Company in Scotland is nearly nowhere. I have looked in to it last night and found a mass amount of backlinks from niche websites, websites ranging from PR1 to PR7, placing links on their home pages and that too at a very good position where Google is normally going to give you a great vote – Not!

Well this SEO Company in Scotland is quite big and has offices in Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom as well as in Dubai (mass link building offices perhaps?), I do not know, I have gone through finding the reality and what I have found was amazing – No shocking!

They have acquired over 500 niche backlinks from very trusted websites, and ideally I can see (paid backlinks). These websites keep getting indexed on regular basis, and what people think, Google counts it as a vote when a good clean useful website is linking to you but it also gives you a vote when they are so many (500) votes every month. You are not about.com and you are not Wikipedia.com too or bbc.com and Aljazeera as well

Well, anyhow this big seo company is nowhere and cannot be seen, then in order to improve their positions, they have started building many mini websites all on the same IP, Man, if you seriously have to trick Google, at least make sense, No?

Well my suggestion and as Matt Cutts Said: do not get involved in bad link building practises. I know Google has introduced a tool to help you get rid of backlinks but this leading SEO Company with offices in all prime locations from Asia to Middle and Far East and from there to Europe, America, Canada and Australia probably do not know how to use this tool in order to help get rid of those bad links. You guys were doing pretty well, why acquire those stupid backlinks? Cannot understand

Now this SEO Firm with offices everywhere is not ranking in first 20 pages of Google, be it google.com, google.co.uk, and so on

If you are thinking of buying or selling links in 2016, you are a very brave man or woman. Rather than having thousands and thousands layers of backlinks, attract 5 links, win them, and you are doing really well online!

I work for Draw Pictures Ltd and I must admit we believe in neat and clean stuff, be it link building or seo in general.

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