Funny Indian SEO Guys and girls, LOL

As you all know we are probably one of the best seo agency in UK and Europe, providing cost effective seo services and that too at the prices you can afford – We all receive spam emails or emails from email marketing companies but what happened with me is just Funny!

Yes I receive loads of emails from customers, friends, colleagues and even loved ones on daily basis – I do not mind receiving an email from someone offering me a “seo outsourcing service” – I might not outsource but I will still look in to it if their “offer” is any good – Why not :)

I receive over 200 emails from so called “seo companies in India” on daily basis – which are providing seo services to over 10,000 customers worldwide – Fair enough, why not! But what the H3ll, Are you even serious? :-/

I should have blocked their email addresses but then we should have missed this funny story

I have been continually receiving these funny emails from seo called “seo specialists” in India which had built over 10,000 links in last month alone, they have ranked “Google” on #1 for Keyword “” – I was so annoyed months later that I planned to look in to it.

I was thinking of going to Wales and spend my last Saturday and Sunday but then again, I have changed my plan and stayed in Brighton to look in to it.

What I found was amazing.

This “individual” has over 300 domains registered, same content on all those 300 websites, and what they do is even send the same email to everyone from different email addresses, Bl00dy H3ll!

That is not just all, if you delete their emails they or their software sends you exactly the same email again in the next minute, If you have deleted this email 6 times, You receive exactly the same email 6 times, (lol) – Why the heck you have to do it? I would be hardly sold for your “seo” if I keep receiving your emails (same subject, same content, same name in the footer, same phone, email and so on).

Plus the seo packages they were offering me for 50$ a month: (No contract – good deal, ayy?)

5000 directories submission (Duplicate content issues – maybe not?)

3000 social bookmarking submission – Promise? LOL

1000 classified ads submission – Ok, Sounds good, Featured Listings please?

3,000 emails sent to prospective customers worldwide (serious?)

Wait – That is not all… LOL

20 (PR10 backlinks)

200 PR1 to PR8 backlinks

100 documents sharing (Duplicate content) – I do not know!

30000 Twitter Real Followers

30,000 Facebook Likes

And loads of other crap for as little as $50? I am seriously sold. Are you?

I was just wondering if other seo, web design and link building companies from UK have been receiving emails at all from these so called “SEO Specialists”?

I promise to host your story on here :-)

Why you should not hire an Indian SEO Company?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very vital process that your business website really needs. It is a long and hard process before you achieve the top rank on every search engine pages like Google and Yahoo and so on.

Often times, website owners hire professional SEO Service provider for their business. It is better, which already proven by many business owners, to hire those who are working on your local area or country. If you are working in the United Kingdom, you must hire a UK search engine optimization company to meet your desired result.

It is commonly suggested on most blogs about SEO companies’ reviews to avoid hiring an Indian SEO Expert for some reasons. It is clear that most Indian SEO Service providers use mass submissions over the web that creates duplicate content and web pages and there are also stories about SEO India that they have been implementing blackhat techniques when it comes to seo.

There are both good and bad seo providers in India, but some factors are to be considered which give them the reason to be not worthy to be hired.

An Indian SEO Company cannot understand an English business well.

Communication is the main key in all types of transactions. We all know that Indians do not speak English when they are born. They may have studied and learnt the language, but it would still be better to hire a native speaker so both of you could understand each other clearer.

An Indian SEO Company does not understand British culture well.

Since they were not born and bred in the United Kingdom, they do not know the exact culture British people have. They may have read some books about that, but again, it would still be better to hire someone who has the same culture as yours.

An Indian SEO Expert might not meet you at your desired time of the day.

United Kingdom and India has different time zones. There is about five-hour gap between these two countries. Do not expect an Indian SEO expert to work for you during 9 o’clock in the evening on your clock because that someone is sleeping at 3 o’clock in the morning on their clock! And probably, don’t expect an Indian to meet you personally!

An Indian SEO provider has little knowledge and experience in mingling with local internet marketing trends and the reasons is, many newbies in seo industry only believe mass submission over the web and even doing the blackhat seo will get them there – which is a lame practise.

Absolutely, Indian SEO expert do not have the enough experience on mingling with other English website owners. They must be familiar with the business trends on the internet by reading many blogs and books. But it would be finer if you would be hiring someone who has reached the traditional market and experienced transacting with fellow business people in the UK.

Many Indian seo companies spam over the blogs which has previously caused pain for a local English business from Ireland, that bloke has to explain all in court and pay the damages – other than just that he has been also banned from Google for 2 years in a row

At the same time, a SEO Company in India have no idea the kind of law we have here in the UK/Europe or anywhere in the English speaking countries

Plus, they do not know what customers demand and what they want as most of these Indian SEO Companies are based in India and do not normally exhibit their seo business int he UK or any other English speaking countries.

Say – the most important factors are language, time zone, and the law, but again, there are some great seo companies from India too, which know a lot about seo and has been providing great seo outsourcing service, but again, if you are an innocent customer, a startup business in the UK or Europe, it is suggested that you hire a local seo expert instead.

- This is my own opinion -