Funny Indian SEO Guys and girls, LOL

As you all know we are probably one of the best seo agency in UK and Europe, providing cost effective seo services and that too at the prices you can afford – We all receive spam emails or emails from email marketing companies but what happened with me is just Funny!

Yes I receive loads of emails from customers, friends, colleagues and even loved ones on daily basis – I do not mind receiving an email from someone offering me a “seo outsourcing service” – I might not outsource but I will still look in to it if their “offer” is any good – Why not :)

I receive over 200 emails from so called “seo companies in India” on daily basis – which are providing seo services to over 10,000 customers worldwide – Fair enough, why not! But what the H3ll, Are you even serious? :-/

I should have blocked their email addresses but then we should have missed this funny story

I have been continually receiving these funny emails from seo called “seo specialists” in India which had built over 10,000 links in last month alone, they have ranked “Google” on #1 for Keyword “” – I was so annoyed months later that I planned to look in to it.

I was thinking of going to Wales and spend my last Saturday and Sunday but then again, I have changed my plan and stayed in London to look in to it.

What I found was amazing.

This “individual” has over 300 domains registered, same content on all those 300 websites, and what they do is even send the same email to everyone from different email addresses, Bl00dy H3ll!

That is not just all, if you delete their emails they or their software sends you exactly the same email again in the next minute, If you have deleted this email 6 times, You receive exactly the same email 6 times, (lol) – Why the heck you have to do it? I would be hardly sold for your “seo” if I keep receiving your emails (same subject, same content, same name in the footer, same phone, email and so on).

Plus the seo packages they were offering me for 50$ a month: (No contract – good deal, ayy?)

5000 directories submission (Duplicate content issues – maybe not?)

3000 social bookmarking submission – Promise? LOL

1000 classified ads submission – Ok, Sounds good, Featured Listings please?

3,000 emails sent to prospective customers worldwide (serious?)

Wait – That is not all… LOL

20 (PR10 backlinks)

200 PR1 to PR8 backlinks

100 documents sharing (Duplicate content) – I do not know!

30000 Twitter Real Followers

30,000 Facebook Likes

And loads of other crap for as little as $50? I am seriously sold. Are you?

I was just wondering if other seo, web design and link building companies from UK have been receiving emails at all from these so called “SEO Specialists”?

I promise to host your story on here :-)

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