CMS web design comprehensive knowledge

CMS stands for content management system. It’s an electronic system, which enables, publishing, and modifying content and website from the central page.

This system offers many computer-based and manual procedures, to deal with workflow in the collaborative environment. It makes longer your web shelf-life.

You can build a creative and dynamic website with a CMS tool. Earlier, for building website, you need lots of efforts & hard work, but CMS web design has made this task easy.

CMS web advantages

CMS web design need of bloggers

Today, in the dynamic online world, only having an ordinary or simple looking blog or website is not sufficient. To compete with speedy business environment, your website must be up-to-date; it should reflect a lucid image of business.

Your web must be able to inform your clients about latest news, your specialties, services or products. Here is, good news for you, CMS web design makes all these challenges easy for you.

It has become the best choice of website owners and bloggers. You can install it on the servers with the assistance of web designers. With a little training, you can update your web by self.

CMS web helps your business

Content manage system helps you to promote business, by giving you cost-effective Internet marketing tools. There’re many marketing plugins that help you to promote your services and products.

These CMS web design come with search engines optimisation plugins and features, which put it above all the other platforms in the form of SEO, means CMS web performs better and have better exposure in SE.

Your business needs a strong presence on SERPs and CMS web make it easy, because of many features. So CMS web design is a perfect choice for your business, because it allows your business to meet latest marketing challenges and relations with your customers. This of course, results in improved sales and turnover.

CMS web design user Search Engines & SEO friendly

CMS web design is user-friendly that allows you, web publication, and content management. You do not need any technical knowledge. It is also SEO-friendly with a lot of plugins that manage web SEO.

Cautious approach to CMS web design

SEO is a very important factor of your website. If you own a magnificent website, but there is no traffic, then it is useless, because nobody can see it. It is very important to know about CMS perfectly. You should be able to handle the SEO related functions in your CMS, because a wrong CMS may damage your search engine optimisation.


With CMS web design you may take your business at the highest level of  success. You can hire any web developer and get customised CMS web design for your business.

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Proper Web development makes your websites better than before

Proper Web development makes the websites better. This work involves many things like, server configuration, template modification, and content improvement.

Nevertheless when we talk about  web designers, it is all about coding and scripting. Web designers start building websites of basic text and become able to build advanced applications and extensions. Even, web development takes them to make social networking websites such as, Facebook and Twitter.

Main purpose of web development

The major purpose of web development is to make the website really great. What is great website? The site, able to provide all information about the visitors need, easy to surf and able to appear on the very first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines.

If you want to be successful in online business then web development is essential for you. If you are running an online business then your web should be informative, beneficial, beautiful and able to draw visitors to itself. Big online businesses have many web developers for different jobs. Some beautify the designs, some at administrative positions, and some perform hosting. However for small business a sole developer performs multiple tasks.

Languages for web development

If you want to plunge, in the industry of web design then you should be expert in HTML, XML, CSS and some other languages. These languages are very important for web development and they use some different grammar.

Tools for web development

The latest web developer has many tools to develop the web. Here, I will mention a few:

Firebug: Let you see http requests

It is a very important extension of Firefox. CSS and Ajax might be fun, whenever you utilise  Firebug. It lets you watch http requests. Its salient feature is, page loading time statistic that allows developer to locate exactly what is making load time lag and sort out the correct things to get the site humming.

HTML Validator: Tells about errors in code

It is also a handy tool. If you want to sure that pages are HTML and CSS, Validator is becoming important in this connection. A Validator appears in the status bar and tells about errors in code.

SVN: Keeps track of all changes

Sometime you change any file and all of a sudden, something of it, stops working and you do not know what you did, in this situation, you become frustrated. But no more frustration, there is an SVN tool available for solving your problem. SVN keeps track of all the changes and permits you to keep track of code. When anything happens, you may easily find, the cause of the problem.


In today’s world, many web development companies are present in the field. Web development is significant and necessary. In case, you have no skill and idea how make a better website for your business then take the services of any reputable web development company.

Do You Really Need To Spend Time in Web Development?

Check out the latest trends and techniques in web development so as to grasp this one basic fact; this is an effort demanding field and if you are not looking to develop a career out of web developing activities, there is no point in figuring out and learning those complex HTMLs, CSS or other forms. Online marketing has several facets and web development is a deep enough field that can take your entire focus and attention. This is certainly not advisable when you are hoping to reap profits from online ventures and there are several areas to manage.

Outsourcing your work to web development agencies is by far the best solution in this regard. There are hundreds of companies out there and many of them provide really good and cost effective results. If you don’t want to become a web developer then why start reinventing the wheel when others are driving? Getting maximum done in the minimum possible time is the mantra when you are looking to establish credible sites that not only attract traffic or are ranked high in Google and other search engines, but most importantly turn sales into revenues. With your personalized efforts you may eventually develop beautiful websites with business killing flaws that you may not even be aware of.

Web development companies are excellent mediums for outsourcing web design and other construction aspects regarding website structure. Technological innovations are regular and periodic things in this sector. Flash based tools and elements are where most of the attractor factor related to web design is headed. Mastering every aspect of web building is a lifelong commitment and as an online marketer there are many other issues that need your attention.

If you are still wondering why to outsource, the best logic would revolve around cost effectiveness and making sure that your site does not lag behind in any of the eye catching features. Of course you can always discuss your ideas with the programmers in question which, is something that has to be done even if you are taking the help of web development company? Another issue is regarding seo crawling. There are some features that may provide hurdles to search engine robots regarding accessing content. Optimized web elements will prevent this from happening. The best way to let all the problems rest in peace is by choosing a good agency that has credible projects to boast of.

Always look for a web development agency that provides seo friendly web development, because without seo friendly website, you will require to re-build or modify the existing site, if this is missing the seo touches!

Pros and Cons of Web Content Management System

A web content management system or WCMS is a computer program or a software system that makes users to create a website and maintain, edit or modify its content with ease. The processes involved in WCMS can be managed automatically or manually

There are 3 kinds of WCMS – Online processing, offline processing and hybrid systems. Online processing is a kind of WCMS that utilize templates on command. HTML can be created when a user reaches the page or directed from a website cache. It has the capacity to sustain add ons and allow massive capabilities such as contact management, forums, photo galleries, wiki, web stores, etc. and these are also known as widgets, nodes, modules, or add ons.

Offline processing is a kind of WCMS allows processing of all templates and content prior to creating the web pages. It doesn’t need a server to utilize the templates at a specific time and they may continue to show as a tool in time design. Finally, Hybrid systems has both the features of online and offline processing.

What are the pros and cons of using web content management system?


Depending on the size of the subscription, WCMS can be affordable. Some systems can even be obtained for free. But you have to know at least the basics of the program to be able to utilize the system.  The user will be able to customize the web page easily. The codes are less confusing and there is a default layout for the pages with the same design and theme. It is user friendly especially for beginners.   It is designed for people who are not technically equipped in designing a web. Although it can still take much of your time, the navigation is simple and is easy to maintain.


On a larger scale, the usage of the software might require preparation or training, certifications and thorough implementation. Depending on the extent of the project, its highly probable that its best to hire a web development company that offer service to create and maintain your website.   Buying the software is affordable but subscription to this computer program can be costly. The software can compromise the latency of the computer if the hardware is not up to date.

If you don’t have the time and patience to work on a computer program like web content management system, you can always choose to hire a professional web designer and web developer.

Fortunately, there are great online companies such as Draw Pictures Ltd that offering content management system design, development, modification and management for great prices you can afford. They are based in Wimbledon, Brighton, UK.

Why do you need Google SEO friendly web design?

Businesses need websites nowadays to increase the possibility of getting more customers to generate income for the business. In having a website, higher chance of obtaining more visitors will achieve if the site lands on the first page of the search engines. Search engine optimization is the responsible for your site to get you on top of the searches.

SEO is a typical technique that aims to improve your website rankings on search engines such as Google. Having an SEO strategy incorporated into your site will make your site more visible to searchers and potential visitors. Since Google is the most popular search engines in general category used by most people around the globe, it is better to have an SEO to your site that is Google friendly.

The web design of your site must be friendly with Google, as well as other search engines, because this may be the best factor for your business to improve and get the highest promotion it can have. Running a website with your business is a hard task. Creating a web designs and SEO strategy may get you more time.

To avoid being stressed up from doing SEO and web design, hire an SEO Agency to help you design and develop a user and SEO friendly website. This may be more costly, but the investment return on your business will definitely be greater. Hiring a reputable and reliable SEO service provider will have you more time to focus on the other needs of your business.

Besides, an SEO Expert is more knowledgeable in doing this kind of tough work, so chances of getting the desired achievement is utilized, rather than doing an SEO all by yourself which you are not sure if that strategy will work with your own hands. Draw Pictures Ltd can provide all your business and ecommerce web design needs.

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