What is an SEO friendly website?

Most businesses, as well as organizations and institutions, have now their own websites. Typically, the purpose of having website is to provide better promotion and transaction.

Your website, mostly for your business, is nothing, if people will not see it. Having a catchy web page design and quality contents in your site is not enough for you to succeed because the people who will visit and buy on your online business are the ones who dictate whether your business will succeed or not.

Your money invested in putting up your site will be wasted if no one will be able to land on your web page, thus no one will be able to buy the products and services your business is offering. People must see your website so they can have business transactions with. SEO is the best answer to your problem.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a way of creating techniques into your site to gain more traffic and provide higher rank, which will probably attract more visitors. You can study by yourself and learn how to search engine optimization or you may hire an expert SEO Company to this tough task for you.

Although, these SEO providers can give you proper services and search engine optimization consulting, you also need to understand how things work so you would not be cheated by the SEO you will hire (This may sometimes happen when you choose the wrong one).  To have an SEO-friendly website, consider these following:

Maintaining creative designs and up-to-date contents on your blogs

Creative designs are eye-catching to most people especially for the savvy shoppers. Having and maintaining beautiful site will make them stay on your site. Images are big help too. Quality and original contents issues are also important. It is essential to have an informative, updated and useful to the readers. They must also be original and plagiarized-free. And most importantly, your contents must be relevant to the business you have.

Keywords selection and placement

Keyword is another important technical issue. Your keyword must be unique and relevant to your business for it to become SEO friendly. Choose keywords that are friendly and polite to the searchers so that they may find your site when they type the keyword in the search engine domains.

Google Panda and Penguin friendly

This is the latest thing that needs to be considered in optimizing you site. All sites must be affected by this new updates if they have bad SEO habits.

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