How to choose a right web designer?

In Online Marketing one of the key tools in SEO is having a pleasant and effective site web design. In web designing, there are a few processes involved: First, creating the web layout, navigation and how the web pages will cross link with each other. Then, there’s a creation of code to make the website function.

Next, graphics are created, consisting colors, page layout, text location. Hiring a company that offers the web design services is a smart idea especially if you are a beginner but what are the things that you have to consider prior to hiring a web designer?

Here are some of the key points:

o A web designer should have a solid portfolio – In any kind of service, you always hire the one with years of experience. You may want to look for feedback from the web designer’s previous and current customers and absorb what they have to say about the outcome of the service. You might like to speak to with one of his/her customer and find out what is written on the portfolio is actually true?

o A web designer should have marketing in mind when creating a web design – A web designer may be the best in graphics or computer programming but if he or she is not equipped with web design driven by strategies then all will be futile. A good SEO web designer will have expertise on the placement of texts, seo friendly navigation, etc. and should be able to explain why these are all important to enhance your online presence. Again – There is a difference when it comes to normal web designers and designers that are equipped with seo skills – hire someone that knows what is search engine optimisation and how he/she may design and develop a website that is completely seo friendly.

o You may want to check on the credentials (education) of the web designer as the exceptional ones are comfortable in all technicalities in creating the best web design.

o Go to your potential web designer’s website and check if his or her own site is pleasant to look at, easy to navigate and accessible to all the needed information about the services offered. Most likely, the designer’s website would be a reflection of their work.

o A web designer should have knowledge on seo techniques because as we all know, the competition is getting stiffer in online industries. Being familiar in how to increase website traffic is a great foundation for a web designer so that he can apply the seo tools while designing your website.

o Choose a web designer who is personable in answering all of your queries and comfortable to work with. You want to be working with someone who doesn’t only provide great seo friendly web design suggestions but also someone who is open to suggestions and critiques and is ready to take on a great challenge.

There are a lot of web designers who can offer the service but there are only a few that can maximize your online presence. Draw Pictures Ltd. employs group of web designers that are highly qualified and equipped with the latest SEO techniques to help you with your online marketing needs.