Potential Cardiff seo and web design market

There are a very few web design and seo companies in Cardiff, an old friend has started a web design and online marketing business in the heart of Cardiff some 3 years ago and I can see how good they are doing in the Cardiff and entire Wales market

Since the competition has been really low it has helped them save a lot on over-all marketing costs and as they are one of the best search engine optimisation and marketing company in Wales that provide customers with bespoke services on affordable price, this has helped them get loads of business from word of mouth

You can read my previous article on how to get a good customer review and a positive vote (Google review) when it comes to providing your customers with a bespoke customer service

On the other hand, I have had a chance to look in to the market over this weekend – I have personally travelled to Cardiff / Wales several times and I know the potential that lies ahead for web design and development agencies in there

For example, the friend I am talking about works with several Government organisations and top level firms based in UK and Europe including Prince’s trust, which is simply great looking at the company size (5 employees in total) and they have over 50 new clients every month which is simply great, is not it?

There is a great potential in Welsh market for a creative digital and social media marketing and web design in Cardiff and in my opinions locals from Cardiff / Wales should think of going ahead and doing their research on what they can do when it comes to establishing a business for their local and foreign customers

One thing which I like the most about Welsh companies and customers in general, if they are sold and you provide them good service at great prices; they are your customers for life! So never break your customer’s trust and always try your level best to provide them the best service you can!