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Multilingual European Content Writers

We are looking for multilingual content writers from Europe and online freelance writers to write useful articles, press releases, blog posts, research work as well as seo copywriting in different Europe languages, this includes seo copywriting, proofreading, 

Ideally you are based in European Union and have a legal stay in any of the European countries including the UK – You are allowed to work and your first language is any of the below stated languages

If you are based elsewhere and like to work from home or online, simply email us your resume at jobs@drawpictures.co.uk along with a cover letter and the most recent photograph or simply call us on below numbers if you have any questions

From UK:           07375 320305
Mobile:              0790 700 4090
From Abroad:    +44 (0)7375 320305
Or on Mobile:    +44 790 700 4090

You must speak at least one or more language(s) from the languages below

- Belarusian
- Bosnian
- Bulgarian
- Catalan
- Croatian
- Danish
- Dutch
- French
- Finnish
- German
- Greek
- Hungarian
- Italian
- Icelandic
- Irish (Gaeilge)
- Italian
- Latvian (latviesu valoda)
- Lithuanian (lietuviu kalba)
- Macedonian
- Maltese (Malti)
- Moldovan
- Norwegian
- Spanish
- Slovak (slovensky jazyk)
- Slovenian (slovenski jezik)
- Russian
- Romanian (romana)
- Polish (polski)
- Portuguese (português)
- Serbian
- Swedish
- Turkish (türkçe)
- Ukrainian

Please note, drawpictures.co.uk is a digital marketing agency based in Wimbledon, Brighton serving customers in the UK, Europe and abroad and are one of the most respected responsive website design and development firm providing bespoke online marketing solutions to small, mid-sized and large businesses

If you wish to be the part of one of the fast growing internet and search engine marketing company and wish to learn and prosperous and shape your writing skills, simply get in touch, please note, we pay handsome wages to our writers which work from online or from our premises.

If you are based in anywhere in Brighton or UK, simply make an appointment and visit us on below address (No meetings held without an appointment made in advance).

Office #119, 1st Queensberry House 3rd Floor, 106 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XF

Please note, you should bring your CV, Cover Letter, most recent photograph and any writing work done or previous work references and be on time

Thank you
Draw Pictures Ltd – (SEO Agency in Brighton, UK)


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