European Multilingual content writers wanted in London, UK

London is an ideal place to work and that too with a fast growing digital marketing agency based in the hearth of London, Wimbledon, are looking for European multilingual content writers which can write useful content, be it articles and press release writing, content for website or seo copywriting in general, proofreading and translation service

Draw Pictures Ltd is one of the most renowned Internet Marketing Company delivering top notch web designing, website development, Ecommerce and CMS web solutions to companies from the UK, Europe and abroad and need professionals that can write useful European content for websites and marketing purpose

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You can work from home or from anywhere in the world – Good pay and more work!

Earning opportunities online, write content to make money online from home

We are potentially giving an opportunity to write on our high traffic blog that gets over 40,000 impressions and over 3000 clicks a month including but not limited to over 30 articles a month being written by our native English writers as well as writers from all around the world

If you like to write about search engine optimisation and social media marketing we encourage you to make money out of it, unlike those dodgy people that promise payments but never pay and waste everyone’s time, we are giving this opportunity to all extremely honest freelance writers which we believe can make difference, do the job well, on time, in budget and help everyone involved

No matter where you from, what your area of expertise is or what you do on daily basis, what’s your race, religion or creed we are simply empowering you, you may be anywhere in the world and have a computer, internet connection and passion for writing, be it blog writing, articles, press releases, seo copywriting, proof reading and so on

Below is the game plan:

You will choose any of the topics below to send us a sample post

* Social media marketing

* Digital / Internet Marketing

* Link building

* Web design

* Web development

* Search engine optimisation (seo)

* ROI and Conversions analysis

* Website traffic, marketing and promotion

* Marketing and advertising

* And anything related to web, seo and search engine marketing

You will send us a sample post and we will create your username and password and email it to you whilst we have received, reviewed and analysed your content, we will then publish this post on our high traffic blog which is clicked by our customers in all around the world and the UK, our partners and associates around the world as well as our employees

Our in-house content writers will be more than glad to review your content and submit any concerns or opinions we feel necessary, this post under your name shall help you showcase your abilities you have got to your potential local or foreign customers

Draw Pictures Ltd is a registered seo company in London and is based on:


Please note, your content should be unique, not copied and never published before, after one post goes live, our in-house seo copywriters will analyse your skills and give you regular content writing jobs

On the other hand, once you get approved as a writer on our blog you may also put one link in the content for yourself or your customer which would help in your or their website search engine rankings increase

We have dozens of writers based in England, Scotland, Wales and even Ireland and the rest of the Europe that write content in different languages, so your content may be in any language as long as they stick to our guidelines, even if English is not your native language you may still write something useful about the topics above and make money out of it

Please note, as a successful writer you would be given work of mostly UK, Europe, Australia and American and Canadian customers on regular basis, we pay via PayPal, Google checkout, Bank transfer and even western union, so making payment is not a problem at all

You may chat with us on skype as well, our username is: seocompany

Good luck and we look forward to hear from you and work with you soon – As discussed above after your first post goes live online on our blog under your name, it would potentially help you share this link as a sample to your customers, colleagues etcetera in order to showcase your skills from a professional company website that would definitely help you get more business, be it crowd sourcing websites e.g.,, etcetera

Let’s chat soon and do it!