Yet another Google Update underway in January 2016?

Have you lost your website rankings between 14th of January 2016 and 17th of January 2016? You were ranking really well and you do not see your website or see a massive drop in Google rankings at the moment and you were seen a massive decrease since this morning today? Well, then you are not alone!

There has been a lot happening in Google search results since 14th of January 2016 and finally it has hit many companies on 17th of January 2016 i.e. today. It is really hard to tell where it is Google Panda or even Penguin related changes at this very stage

I have seen a massive debate on Twitter, Facebook and in Google+ in general people nearly screaming about their Google rankings and I have personally analysed their websites and I must admit there was nothing to disturb the rankings (other than an update) and no its not a Google dance (the old term used by old fellows)

I can smell the changes made by Google in their algorithms which we are hard to talk about at this stage, even I have personally performed the automated checks to find out any records available on any news out there or anything said by Google employees or normal audience in General but there were no signs of Google update in any recent times

Many England top companies are not seeing their rankings, so if you are asking why your website have lost its rankings and what you should do, the suggestion is wait for few days and I am sure there is a story to tell about this and what to do in order to repair your rankings

On the other hand, many people that have been very active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube and so on as well as having old domains, doing good working and in to good seo practises, there is nothing to worry about

It could be a slight Google’s update which may show your results back on their search engine result pages (serps) and in most cases even higher but if your website marketing or optimise in general was being handled by bad seo guys, chances are – you have a long way to go to repair your negative seo or online reputation this time as Google is very serious about it

I will keep you guys posted, I am keeping every eye on the most recent updates by Google, news and even Twitter and media channels and I will get back to you guys as soon as I receive a solid proof of that

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