Home based online jobs for social media marketing experts from UK, Europe and abroad

Just an update for my friends, family and colleagues and even loved ones and mates on Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ and YouTube with the new job’s on board with us. We are looking for social media marketing and optimisation experts from the UK, Europe and abroad be the part of Draw Pictures Ltd (UK’s bespoke digital marketing services boutique) in Wimbledon, London

If you specialise in social media marketing and are looking for an online or home based job, then do send us your requested CV, Cover letter and experience (portfolio) documents as soon as you can

You are more than welcome to recommend these jobs to your friends, family and even loved ones as well as to your social circles on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even YouTube and so on

The job URL can be found here “Freelance Social Media Marketing Jobs

Good Luck Guys!

Do you know any great seo companies?

Normally other seo companies hardly talk about other search engine optimisation service providers but like always our focus is to help small business owners get the best out of their overall spending on their seo and web design and link building campaigns

We are therefore planning to list over 3000 SEO Companies worldwide that are both ethical, provide great service, support, ROI focused approach towards any online marketing campaigns as well as great pricing structure and wicked service to offer that helps businesses grow online

We are taking our first website directory online that lists only great web designing and seo companies worldwide based on the pricing and service and support

If you are an seo service provider or know a good company that you think should be listed, simply get in touch with us

On the other hand, our seo magazine gets circulated to over 30,000 businesses UK and Europe wide, no matter where you are based, If you wish to reach your target audience in the UK and Europe and that too for free, simply give us a call today and we will analyse your website and list if needed

Please provide below details for your listing:

Contact Person Name:

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Phone Number

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Business Address:


A do follow link in our page rank 5 directory plus free one time insertion in our seo magazine that gets circulated across UK, Europe and on International locations (soon).

Details can be submitted on below contacts:

Email:         support@drawpictures.co.uk

By Post:     Office #119, 1st Queensberry House 3rd Floor, 106 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XF

How a user friendly website generates more business?

It is far from difficult to create a user friendly website, and the benefits in doing so for your business are endless.

Stuck for what a user friendly site should be like? Just consider some of the sites you enjoy using, and then consider some that you don’t enjoy so much. The reason you enjoy using the first sites is because they are far more user friendly than the latter.

Obviously you are more likely to spend time using the sites you feel comfortable with and enjoy navigating, and you want your potential customers to get the same feeling from your site.

What makes a user-friendly website?

Simplicity is the key: For your site to have a user friendly web design, everything should be nicely spaced, not too busy, and simple to find your way around.

Don’t Overdo It With Graphics: Your site should tantalise the eyes with SOME graphics rather than being a full on assault of Flash and other forms of web graphics cluttering every inch of the page and that draw attention away from the main purpose of the site.

Easy To Navigate: If people can find exactly what they are looking for in a minimum number of clicks then your site is easy to navigate, and this will please users.

The most valuable navigation tool is the search box, as it allows people to go directly to what they want, or the area in which they are likely to find what they want. If however you have off putting extras such as ‘doorway’ pages, things become far less simple and it puts people off.

Allow Movement Back and Forth: There is nothing worse than realising you clicked the wrong thing and has to go right back to the start. Offer users a way to go back to where they previously were in a convenient fashion.

‘Breadcrumb trails’ are popular as they show users where they are and have been, and can easily take steps back, e.g. Home > SEO > Why choose us as your SEO Company?

Structure: Ensuring the most popular or attention grabbing site content is available at first glance, such as best sellers or current offers, will lead to more sales.

Having basic information about your company and contact information in a prominent place on your homepage is reassuring to browsers in an age where internet scams are everywhere.

Testing, 1,2, Testing: Ensure you test your website for functionality and appearance on all popular browsers and devices. Does you website work on Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome?

Is you site mobile and tablet friendly? All these things must be tested regularly as devices and internet browsers are constantly updating and changing.

Keep Up To Date: People don’t want to see out of date information and offers on your site, so make sure you are regularly giving your site a spring clean to ensure its kept fresh and up to the minute.

Not only will this help keep customers happy, but it keeps your web design search engine friendly.

Be Clear: Be clear about costs, whether they include VAT, how much delivery will cost, any all other relevant information regarding your products and services.

Also be clear on policies such as shipping, returns and refunds, etc. If information is ambiguous and unclear then people will instantly be put off.

Design to Impress: When having a company site made, it needs to look 110% professional, and so it is advisable to call in some web design experts.

Give them a briefing on your target audience and brand, and they will be able to provide you with a professional design that is aimed to attract and impress your target customers and let your brand shine through in all areas.

Guest Posting Could Become the New Spam for Content Marketing

With search engines continuously developing in order to keep the user experience and search results as pure as possible, online marketers and SEO Companies must constantly reconsider their approach if they want to keep up and gain high search engine page rankings (SERPs).

The most recent change made by search engines and lead by Google is to focus on the quality of back links and content on websites.

In an attempt to gain high quality back links content writers came up with the concept of guest posting, where a website or company will send a press release or request for a guest blog post containing links to be submitted to a reputable content driven website such as a blog or online news site.

Originally blog and website hosts were lapping up this new strategy as it got them some free content and a new, interesting perspective which leads to more engagement and new readership possibilities. It seemed like a win-win situation.

However, the hosts are now finding themselves inundated with daily, weekly and monthly content, too much to even consider accepting it all, forcing many blogs and news sites to stop accepting guest posts altogether, with some editors charging for regular guest slots.

These new measures that have begun to be put in place in a large majority of blogs and news sites is causing the issue of too much copy and nowhere for it to go, leading to low quality sites being created just to host the content and links.

This brings us back to a digital world full of low quality and over optimised content once again, as there is no-one regulating the material posted on these sites. Therefore guest posting is at risk of becoming the new spam.

Guest posting should still be considered a valid and worthwhile option, however guidelines are beginning to be put into place by blogs and news sites for them to be able to continue accepting copywriting content and to prevent it becoming just another spam technique.

Guest post content is now being judged more than ever on its individual merit, considering both the level of newsworthy content it contains and how well written it is.

For this reason, companies are advised to seek the help of professional blog writers and proof readers when it comes to article writing to ensure that their content is worthy of one of the limited spots on a site.

Responsive web design, your visa to seo and social media marketing buzz

There is a lot going on when it comes to digital marketing and social media marketing, some people are saying, social media marketing signals are far more useful than the link building, while the others are still stuck in meta keywords and page rank, but you will hardly see those so called seo experts talking about creative and responsive web design that is the heart of everything


A lot has been written on this blog about search engine friendly web design however the statements change each time when there is a Google update or new rules are implemented when it comes to online marketing

Someone in the United States of America was earlier talking about ranking any websites that have been affected by Google’s January 2016 update, while others are talking about next level link building from top ranked blogs, fair enough, but what is wrong with those articles, press releases and directory sites which have always worked in previous years?

The answer is very simple – Those website’s that do not accommodate spam, gambling and casino websites and porn and so on still help in your search engine rankings increase, especially traffic but many seo specialists are now talking about Twitter, Google+, YouTube and even Facebook likes,

It is all good but at the same time there is nothing wrong with the link building when it comes to building backlinks in order to help your website visitors find yourself not the search engine’s friend yourself

Looking at the other side of the digital marketing and even social media optimisation strategy, 80% or more websites still lack search engine’s compatibility and there is hardly no or any focus at all,


there are very few online marketing companies that suggest customers to get their websites modified, all they want is money flowing in their bank accounts and they hardly care with what should have been done before starting the seo, social media and online marketing segments of any websites

What is really your point when you wish to spend thousands and millions of pounds to decorate 300 years old house? It is ridiculous, it definitely is, until unless you are not serious about your money and where it is going, those social media marketing and seo companies end up building stupid backlinks and keep sending you reports every-month and you are more than a happy man as they show traffic increase, why do you need the traffic increase if it’s not converting?


A good search engine optimisation company should always check the website compatibility with current search engine algorithms and online marketing strategy and how responsive your website is with today’s trends in mind, online marketing world is constantly changing after Google’ s serious attention towards kicking those which are still using the black hat seo strategies

Most businesses that are affected by this Google’s January 2016 update, they can simply get their website modified and get a responsive website and then write useful and descriptive title tags and that should be it – One of UK’s leading transportation have been effected by this update,


They were more than worried as the SEO Company hardly knew what to do and they end up saying, they cannot optimise their website anymore, but that’s not the solution, you have to find the problem and fix it


We have gone through their entire website and found no seo computability, they are big enough and have thousands people visiting their website but suddenly their website has lost its rankings, like everyone else and a brand-new, responsive website has helped them get their search engine rankings recovered

I am not saying just having a creative and responsive website will help, you have to get the bad-backlinks removed using Google disavow tool (link removal tool) and perform other checks and balances and its all good

Do not get sold if someone is suggesting you to handover your seo campaign to someone really freshy in search engine optimisation and marketing industry based in America or India, find a local seo company, ask questions like, if your website is good at all?

Do not throw your money on those cheeky and dodgy seo specialists which have entered in internet marketing industry for less than 3 years, chances are you would hardly get your search engine rankings recovered


Do not simply work with someone that tells you they have achieved these rankings or that, until unless you speak to their customers, check their own rankings, and find out, if the keywords that are ranking on Google are actually bringing any ROI at all?


You can easily and freely use Google keyword suggestion tool in order to find the rest or simply get in touch with me and I would be happily helping you find out if the seo company you are looking to hire is any good at all?


If your website is hard for your website visitors that is causing the main trouble to your online search engine rankings and conversions and ROI, get it sorted and you are a happy wo/man!

If you need any information or help with your seo and web design, simply use below contact details to reach our seo specialists and they will be more than glad to help you get to know what is causing trouble and that too for free:

Skype:      seocompany
Email:      support@drawpictures.co.uk
Phone:    +44 07375 320305
Online:    http://www.drawpictures.co.uk/contact-us/

European Multilingual content writers wanted in London, UK

London is an ideal place to work and that too with a fast growing digital marketing agency based in the hearth of London, Wimbledon,

drawpictures.co.uk are looking for European multilingual content writers which can write useful content, be it articles and press release writing, content for website or seo copywriting in general, proofreading and translation service

Draw Pictures Ltd is one of the most renowned Internet Marketing Company delivering top notch web designing, website development, Ecommerce and CMS web solutions to companies from the UK, Europe and abroad and need professionals that can write useful European content for websites and marketing purpose

Read more about this job online here

You can work from home or from anywhere in the world – Good pay and more work!

Google’s Penguin update is most “human” yet, calling for businesses to assess whether their web design remains SEO friendly

With the release of Google’s recent Penguin update, now more than ever has been the vital time to assess websites for their compatibility with search engines, as the new update is said to be the biggest step in artificial intelligence for search yet.

Google’s Senior Vice President says in a blog about the latest step towards being more human, “This is a critical first step towards building the next generation of search, which taps into the collective intelligence of the web and understands the world a bit more like people do.

We’ve always believed that the perfect search engine should understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you want.”

The updates includes the addition of ‘The Knowledge Graph’, a feature designed by Google to make their search bots think more like humans, and they hope it will enable them to deliver even more accurate results for ambiguous search terms based on user intent.

Jack Menzei, Google’s product management director told CNN “The web pages we [currently] return for the search ‘kings,’ they’re all good.

You, as a human, associate those words with their real-world meaning but, for a computer, they’re just a random string of characters. [The Knowledge Graph] hones your search results right in on the task that you’re after.”

And with many companies still favouring more ‘traditional’ creative web design features such as Flash and over enthusiastic graphics with little focus on content and text, what will this change mean for their websites?

They will have to begin to look at things in a whole new light, through the eye of the searcher as Google has begun to.

Many businesses are already enlisting the help of web design companies in the UK to avoid losing revenue and web traffic due to the changes and to try to keep up with Google’s preferences.

Now focusing on the quality of text and content on websites, many will have to revamp the entire structure and overall image of their sites as well as quickly assess and add to their content to ensure it meets the high quality standards.

With the bar constantly being set higher, SEO web design is no easy task for even the professionals, but the key to success is keeping up with the fluctuating and ever more intelligent “thoughts” of the search engine.

Content Marketing is the New Face of Online Marketing for 2016

Content has always played a part in web marketing strategies, but 2016 is set to be the year that content rules, with search engines changing the weight they put on content and quality when it comes to search engine page rankings (SEPRs).

Now online marketing agencies are scrambling to find quality content writers to handle the growing need for high quality content to feed content led marketing strategies this year.

The main reason for the large shift in the value of content as part SEO and online marketing tactics comes down the changes made by Google in the last year.

Its Penguin update, launched in April of 2015, saw many websites’ SEPRs suffer due to a lack of quality back links from pages and websites containing quality content, as well as a lack of well written and relevant content on their own website.

Google decided to make the change after link building, a tactic that came about in the late 1990s after the search engine announced its plans to use links as votes for the credibility of sites and base rankings partly on this factor, gained a bad name due to the amount of online marketing consultants misunderstanding and abusing the original concept.

Marketers would pay sites that were created simply for the purpose of content creation to post low quality and over optimised content full of links.

This led to link building becoming about the sheer quantity of links rather than the quality of the websites and their content, making search results and user experience suffer.

Google are now cracking down on what has been deemed ‘black hat SEO’ or ‘bad link building’ by assessing the quality of the content and website the link is placed on, and favouring sites that use slow and steady link building tactics in conjunction with other online marketing and SEO tactics.

So, the best way to keep a good reputation and high SEPRs with search engines in 2016?

Enlist the help of web marketing professionals and content writers, create high quality content that is written for the reader, not for the search engine, and ensure you are guest blogging and sending content to reputable sites where your content will be relevant and bring something worthwhile to the site.

Do your research before submitting content to sites, as having links and content posted on sites with a bad reputation could harm yours. And enjoy it while it lasts, as content marketing may be hot in 2016, but search engines are constantly changing so keeping up is crucial for your online marketing success.

Why an SEO friendly website is a must have for businesses in 2016

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a method of analysis and constructing your website page by page so that it can be easily catalogued by the search bots of major search engines such as Google or Bing.

To be able to create a search engine friendly website you must know a lot not only about web design but also about how search engines work, what they look for and how they carefully select the pages that reach the top of their search results.

So why SEO friendly web design is a must this year? Here are just a few of the many reasons why it would greatly benefit your business:

Improved Brand Awareness

This is probably the most obvious benefit of SEO, as the higher up your website ranks on search engines, the more people will see and are likely to click on your company’s website link.

The meta descriptions used to help search bots pick up on what your site’s purpose is are also useful when it comes to the person searching determining if a link or company is going to be useful to them or not, so ensuring you have a brief and clear description of your company’s main purpose in the meta description plays a big part in improving brand awareness.

Increased Traffic and Online Sales

Naturally you want to increase your company’s sales by any means possible. Therefore driving traffic to your website is the first step to increasing sales, and the best way to drive traffic is through higher search engine rankings.

As mentioned in relation brand awareness, the higher your website is ranking on search engines, the more footfall you will have on your website.

Once you have this increased footfall, you then need to ensure you’re website is optimised for the process of converting visitors into customers. Which brings us to the next benefit…

User friendly and SEO friendly Go Hand In Hand

A cluttered, graphic heavy and hard to navigate site will not only put potential customers off, it will also deter search engine bots scouring your site for useful information.

If you have very little quality text, or if its hidden under far too many graphics and too much Flash, the search bots won’t find much of use and will move on to another site.

Your site needs to be well structured, uncluttered and full of quality SEO and user friendly information and content. There is nothing wrong with images and graphics, a site with none would be boring. But there can be too much of a good thing.

If In Doubt, Ask For Help

The best way to ensure you have an SEO friendly website design is to enlist the help of some experts. Web designers who specialise in business web design will look into your brand and your target audiences, and pair this information with what the search engines want to create an SEO friendly web design that shows your brand’s personality and is both search engine and user friendly.

Earning opportunities online, write content to make money online from home

We are potentially giving an opportunity to write on our high traffic blog that gets over 40,000 impressions and over 3000 clicks a month including but not limited to over 30 articles a month being written by our native English writers as well as writers from all around the world

If you like to write about search engine optimisation and social media marketing we encourage you to make money out of it, unlike those dodgy people that promise payments but never pay and waste everyone’s time, we are giving this opportunity to all extremely honest freelance writers which we believe can make difference, do the job well, on time, in budget and help everyone involved

No matter where you from, what your area of expertise is or what you do on daily basis, what’s your race, religion or creed we are simply empowering you, you may be anywhere in the world and have a computer, internet connection and passion for writing, be it blog writing, articles, press releases, seo copywriting, proof reading and so on

Below is the game plan:

You will choose any of the topics below to send us a sample post

* Social media marketing

* Digital / Internet Marketing

* Link building

* Web design

* Web development

* Search engine optimisation (seo)

* ROI and Conversions analysis

* Website traffic, marketing and promotion

* Marketing and advertising

* And anything related to web, seo and search engine marketing

You will send us a sample post and we will create your username and password and email it to you whilst we have received, reviewed and analysed your content, we will then publish this post on our high traffic blog which is clicked by our customers in all around the world and the UK, our partners and associates around the world as well as our employees

Our in-house content writers will be more than glad to review your content and submit any concerns or opinions we feel necessary, this post under your name shall help you showcase your abilities you have got to your potential local or foreign customers

Draw Pictures Ltd is a registered seo company in London and is based on:

Email:                            support@drawpictures.co.uk

Please note, your content should be unique, not copied and never published before, after one post goes live, our in-house seo copywriters will analyse your skills and give you regular content writing jobs

On the other hand, once you get approved as a writer on our blog you may also put one link in the content for yourself or your customer which would help in your or their website search engine rankings increase

We have dozens of writers based in England, Scotland, Wales and even Ireland and the rest of the Europe that write content in different languages, so your content may be in any language as long as they stick to our guidelines, even if English is not your native language you may still write something useful about the topics above and make money out of it

Please note, as a successful writer you would be given work of mostly UK, Europe, Australia and American and Canadian customers on regular basis, we pay via PayPal, Google checkout, Bank transfer and even western union, so making payment is not a problem at all

You may chat with us on skype as well, our username is: seocompany

Good luck and we look forward to hear from you and work with you soon – As discussed above after your first post goes live online on our blog under your name, it would potentially help you share this link as a sample to your customers, colleagues etcetera in order to showcase your skills from a professional company website that would definitely help you get more business, be it crowd sourcing websites e.g. freelancer.com, peopleperhour.com, elance.com etcetera

Let’s chat soon and do it!