Out and about in London

Out and about in London

I went to see a seo customer in Richmond area, a leading UK, London based Car parking and Enforcement Company offering automatic number reorganisation, clamping and parking services in London and throughout the UK to customers like, Tesco, Sainsburys, Iceland, Morrisons, and the big UK names in the industry, this also includes, UK Government offices, Boroughs, and so on UK wide

Their SEO Manager (Miss. Danielle Ferguson) knows a lot about search engine optimisation, she had the most difficult questions tailored for me to answer, however I must say the meeting went really well and she was more than glad for the points I talked about

They had been working with another SEO Company from London but they have been really disappointed working with this search engine optimisation company as the company has not offered much during the last one year and they had hardly ranked on any of the keywords they have provided – Danielle told me with how much they had spent and you would be shocked over £150,000 (British Pounds), Rich people by now? Ayy, bl**dy H*ll

Before inviting me for a meeting and to see her and her director, she has spoken to 9 of our customers across London before she has asked us to come and see them

As I said above, the meeting went really well and we are looking forward to send a quote for their keywords and the keywords we are proposing by tomorrow

Their keywords list goes below

  • ANPR
  • car park
  • car park solutions
  • euro car parks


We are already aware the keywords we are going to suggest have good business, number of search queries on Google UK and as well as good ROI.

I spent entire day out of office today, I later went to an Iranian restaurant in North London and had my dinner from there, a great restaurant I love and the food is just amazing and at great prices you can afford.

I am really tired for today, however once I quit writing, I am going to work on a client seo strategy and then I am sleeping by 1-am tonight

Too much to do – Too little time :(

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Email: sales@drawpictures.co.uk

Good Night All

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