How to write Google favorite web content

Content is really known as a king. The Internet searchers always want that search engines deliver them the most relevant and the best quality web content in the SERP (search engine result page). Google has explained everything for content producers that I would explain in this article.

How can you write Google favorite web content?

You can categorise web content by many affirmative adjectives that include informative, engaging, unique, entertaining, amusing, personal, original, persuasive, authoritative and educational. You should not steal or cheat. There should not be plagiarism, copying, scraping, duplication and other immoral shortcuts in your web content. The concept of your content should extend to your entire web. It should include the following aspects:

1. Pages: Headings, images, paragraphs, ALT text, , and hyperlink titles.

2. Navigation: Hyperlink titles, link text.

3. URLs: Name of files on all posts, tags and images, pages, and categories.

4. Location: If you are dealing with particular localities, then clear them.

5. Business Brand: Explicit who you are?

6. Errors: Broken links.

7. Call to Action: You guide visitors, properly never make them guess.

8. Spelling and Grammar: You should proofread your content.

9. Credibility Factors: Business contact details, terms, privacy policy and testimonials.

Your web contents must be personally written not copy

Your web content should include every element and area, which search engines use to categorise and classify your web. You should not copy website content and try to create your web pages populated with unique and authoritative material that must be personally written in your own style, particularly for your page’s purpose.

Your web page content is created for the pre-determined audience; therefore it should encourage, inform, and persuade your readers well to take the pre-determined path or action. You should try to proofread your content for checking the spelling, punctuation, and grammar by yourself or ask someone else to get the job done for you because you will not get the second chance for creating the first impression.

Recognise your type or style

Every style or type presents challenges than others so you should identify your information voids, and try your best to fill these voids with useful web content. You can find various online advices to present as a specialist in your field.  If you’re a tradesman or you offer professional services, then by writing web content you can easily present yourself as a specialist. You may write insightful web content about your profession.


The title of your web content should not be more than 65 characters. The web contents should have brief and accurate outlines, and your business or brand name should appear at the end of the content.

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