Does Google provide ranking credits for social media popularity?

For quite some time I have had to face this question of social media helping in website rankings. There are several online marketers who want credible guidance regarding the importance of backlinks provided by various social media tools that have come up as fast as the popularity of social networks has soared. There are no credible updates in this regard and you won’t find any documentary evidence on behalf of Google stating to improve upon social media backlinks. However, the magic does work and as an online marketer you just cannot stay from the power and promotion that you can receive via social media promotion.

Most of the online marketing strategies are shifting towards organic traffic since you just cannot keep investing in paid traffic methods. Also organic traffic has a much higher conversion rate as far as sales and revenues are concerned. It does take time to build but the returns are much more that you can expect. And social sites have become the best focal points for developing a target audience within a short span of time.

Websites using the powers of social media marketing are certainly coming up in high numbers and it is true that many of them have developed high rankings quickly. This occurs because once the website clicks among the social media audience unique visitors keep coming in high numbers. Many of the marketers are of the view that search engine optimization is now history and what you need to go for now is social media optimization. Most of the online marketing companies have developed specific tools in this regard and current research is directed more towards the social media arena.

It is always better if you have specific tools to analyze traffic and user actions coming from different social networks as it would provide a fair idea regarding performance and changes for improving performance can be done fast and easy. Making separate business profiles in all the different networks is necessary and also imperative is to interlink different profiles for moving visitors from one platform to another.

The window of opportunity tends to be shorter in social media simply because of the surfing nature of the target audience in question that provides very little time for making an impression. So moving from one profile to another can provide that extra bit of time for converting potentials into sales. Do not be restrictive, try all out with every network so that you gain in visitors or rankings or both.