Google Panda and Penguin Update, A brief introduction

We cannot deny the fact that we are now living in the world of modernity, and we are getting dependant of its good products. Internet is a useful product of technology that we may always depend for every aspect of life. With the help of internet, we can now surf and chat, sell and promote, shop and pay, research and study.

Because people are getting used with this internet, websites are built by business owners to become an income generator. The demand on website and information is getting hotter. Some website owners are abusing this trend to generate income. They are building sites and do their SEO campaign on it to achieve higher traffic and more visitors to make more money. These sites effectively achieved high rank because of their Google search optimization campaign but the contents they have are not too helpful. Sometimes they do blackhat seo as their campaign.

Good thing Google did something about this dilemma.

Google has launched their latest algorithm updates called the Google Panda and Penguin which both aim to improve the quality of its search engine rankings. You must know about these updates whether you are a researcher or a website owner. Let us define these two so you can learn more about the crazy world of online business and for you to be able to maximize the benefits of free search engine optimization.

Google Panda is the algorithm update that focuses on eliminating sites and pages that have low value and low quality contents. This update aims to get rid of sites, which are mostly getting higher rank in the Google pages with unethical link building and seo campaigns, that are not useful to users and reader. Common websites that are affected by this update are news and article providers’ sites that have poor quality in terms of contents. These sites that are affected focus only on the quantity of their contents in order to gain more traffic and attract visitors, rather than having quality on their contents.

Google Penguin is the algorithm update that aims to eliminate websites that have over-optimized anchor text, both online and offline. These sites violate rules in Google Webmaster Guidelines so the Google Penguin will penalize them by blocking them in their page ranks. These sites that are penalized have done foul play in doing their SEO.

So now, you have the idea about the Google Panda and Penguin and how may they affect your ranking in their serps (search engine page results). You need to study and learn how to be friendly with them for you to maintain your high rank in search engines.

Or you can always hire a SEO Company that understands all the bits and can perform all seo on your behalf instead, this helps if you wish your campaign being handled by industry professionals instead.

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