How can you build traffic to a website?

Many newbies to Internet think that it is very difficult to get a website and keep it running. Nevertheless, it is not like that. You can have your own website and sell your desired products or services online.  However, if no traffic is interested in your product or service, then no sales at all.

For example your product converts at 3% means for each 100 visitors, you make three sales.   Now, you know that your product converts; your problem is driving enormous traffic to your web. In this article, I shall guide you how can you build, traffic to a website?

Try different traffic sources: But focus on the best performing

You need to develop your mindset for online business, as a professional. You should try different traffic sources, in order to see, which source converts the high ratio and offers the handsome return on investment.

When you possess sufficient data to decide then focus on the best performing traffic sources and try to get rid of the ones, which are not performing well and giving a considerable return against expenditures of advertising.

Some important traffic sources

Here are some important traffic sources, test them and join the ones, which are performing well for a particular product:

Pay-per-click advertisement: Make your mind to lose money

This source allows to drive traffic, swiftly. You can try it and see how it is working. It is a paid source so spends money quickly. Therefore, you need to set a daily budget for this advertisement and focus on selecting the accurate keywords or search words for your campaign.

Remember one thing initially, you would not be able to make your campaign profitable until unless you have landing pages that actually help you sell online, create respective pages, with feedback and swift buy online options, discount voucher codes, offers, and summer, winter or christmas sales etc. Therefore, during the phase of campaign testing you should make your mind to lose money if you do not know how to get the best out of a ppc campaign.

Article Marketing: Responsive and high quality

It is a responsive and high quality source of traffic driving. It only costs you time, if you do not hire someone and write all the articles yourself. If you hire someone to write the articles the cost is nominal but it may deliver a handsome return. However, you need to be patient and consistent to drive traffic to sites.

Ezine Classified: Trial source

This source allows you to select your own advertising copies, run tests, and measure result from different ezines. This source of traffic is trial and error unless you are able to find the ones, which deliver good results.

Have various page setup: Drive one kind of traffic to every page

Now, it is, time to be smart enough and have various pages set up for every traffic source. By this action, you would be able to identify, which source is converting well and making money for you.

You cannot achieve this purpose, if you keep sending many traffic sources toward the same page. Here, you need to create numerous landing pages. However, you should keep the content same and drive one kind of traffic to every page.


Try to take the service of SEO companies to submit your website to different search engines for a nominal fee, because no traffic on the website no sale at all.

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