Basic understanding of online shopping cart for novice merchants

Online shopping cart is like a container, which contains, almost all kinds of items that the buyer picks for buying, from that store. It is not different from any physical shopping cart that you find in stores and shopping malls. It is software, which reflects all products that are picked by customers for final purchasing. All the shopping is done through the website.

Basic understanding necessary for novices

The merchants who are making their first appearance into e-commerce industry should have a basic understanding of selecting the best and efficient online shopping cart service. Because it directly affects their online business and makes a decision whether the fresh launch will hit or not.

Since there are thousands online shopping cart packages, available on the Internet that offers several features to their users. It is difficult for you to select the right type of shopping cart package, according to your need.

Online shopping cart solutions: Free and paid

It is essential for you to identify your business needs, features, before choosing the right shopping cart solution. There are many free and paid online shopping cart solutions present, but free one has limited features. They are usually trials purposes. If your website demands more unlimited features then, paid solution will be necessary for you.

Features of online shopping carts

Nowadays, online shopping carts are coming with many latest features. These features give your online business, an additional rise. They make your business more users friendly and profitable. Some are as follows:

Future purchase coupons and quality discounts: Opt buyers

Many online shopping cart solutions allow discount rate on the basis of quantity of buying items, by the customers. This feature allows you to give discounts on the purchased items or coupons for potential purchases that look attractive to buyers online and they opt to buy more products from your website.

Suggest sell functions and cross selling: Enhance profit ratio

It is the best solution of online shopping cart. It automatically suggests and chooses extra products, available for the current products purchased already, by the customers. This feature enhances your profit ratio.

Affiliate module feature: Organise communication

It is very cost effective option to market your product online. This feature, efficiently tracks affiliate payments and organise communications.

Auto responder facility and newsletter: regularise customer base

You should make a list of email addresses and names of your existing customers by this feature. When new promotions and offers are launched by your store then send follow up newsletters and emails. It could increase your sales and regularise your customer base.


Online shopping cart has made a very good impact on online business. It is cost- effective and advance technique to expand your business, throughout the country and the world. It brings customers and merchants together. All you need is a great Web Design Company to do the job and all goes fine then! While choosing a Web Design and Development Company just check and ensure they know on how to include the SEO Aspects in your online shopping store.

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