How to generate links with the social media networks?

In the last article about the social media networking sites being the most effective link building tool of the present day, we were trying to show you how good they are and encouraging you to use them.

But in this particular article, we are going to embark on educating you on how to actually generate links with the most popular social media networking sites. If you follow this as we are enumerating to you, you will never come out without good results.

The first and most popular should be the Facebook. This is due to its accessibility, outlay and even affordability. The traditional things in these sites might not be the things that will give you the best here. So you might have to do something new.

Many firms and websites now create actual Facebook account with the names of the services they offer and demand for friendships. This will bring people close to them, and here, they can then share their links to them.

You can also post the links to your websites on your wall, on comments, in discussions, and even on other people’s walls. You can like or comment on these links from time to time as a reminder to make it visible to all your friends.

Then you have to search for discussions or forums chatting on issues relating to your keywords and join them. Through this, you also share your links with them. Buying links with Facebook adds is also good.

The second is twitter. A lot of people have even argued that this will give you more links than Facebook. You need to place your keywords on every single tweet you make on twitter and then the link to your website at the end of the tweet.

Netlog is almost like Facebook, so you can just do the kind of things you do on Facebook in it and place links to your website. Your comments and walls are avenues to place links to your website and blog.

The LinkedIn is another site you can use. Place the link to your website on your wall and comments and then go straight to the LinkedIn answers.

Find questions that relates to your keywords, answer them and then link the person who asked the question back to your site. There are also many other social media networking sites according to geographical locations.

You just have to find out ways of using these to build links to your website.

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