Best Link Building Practices

One of the most crucial elements in ensuring the success of any kind of online marketing drive is Link Building as part of search engine optimization (SEO).  There are hundreds of ways to build links but the objective of this article is to narrow it down to a few of the best linking practices that will ensure a boost on the website’s traffic.

1. Deep Linking

Deep Link building is basically creating a hyperlink that directs to a particular page or image instead of pointing to the home page of the website.  By this link building practice, there’d be less browsing confusion as the visitors will be led directly to the specific product or information that interests them, therefore, elevating the chances of convincing the guest into a sale.

2. Changing Anchor Text

A common search optimization strategy is to create anchor text or link label which allows the web browsers to get the idea on what to expect on the website even before clicking the link as the words or phrases within the hyperlink reflects the specific website content. Changing the anchor text will keep your website interesting and relevant.

3. Create Viral Content

Viral content doesn’t only pertain to videos. Images, blog posts, forums, and go viral as well. Although this is a challenging practice, the pay off is worth the effort. Content may only reach “viral” status if it is highly relatable and if it elicits strong emotions from the browsers.  A website that has a consistent viral content can effortlessly built hundreds or thousands of manual links.

4. Opt for Geometric Link Building

Unlike producing viral content, this practice, is the slow but sure way to build links. What makes Geometric Link Building successful is being consistent in producing original, relevant, fresh, and useful content, the web browsers and search engines will keep on coming back.

5. Indirect Linking

This is a strategy wherein links are built to a site content of a bigger website with links directed to your website included in it. This will perk up your specific content’s rankings and also improve the ranking of your website.

6. Link Building on Websites of all PR Levels It is a given that High PR websites will give you a boost in link building but a combination on high, medium and low page ranked websites will also be beneficial for search optimization.

7. Build Relationships

Reach out to as many people as you can, talk to them, and be interested in what they have to say. This is an indirect way to help you build links if you encounter the right kind of people.

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