5 Myths of Search engine optimisation

Many website owners or publishers have beliefs that can only be described as taking the search engine optimisation a miracle worker who with the use of a magic wand all their problems are solved and their websites instantaneously turn into a buzz of activity with high traffic by being on top of the search engine results.  This is of course wishful thinking.  The following are 5 myths associated with search engine optimization:

1. With the help of SEO, the use of key words automatically drives traffic to your site.  This is not entirely true, it has to be done in such a manner to add value to your website.  SEO is usually approached by website owners who wonder why they are not attracting as much traffic as they would love to.  What they do not realize is just having these key words on the main title is not enough.  They are unwilling to change the site not understanding that the keywords should not only appear in the subject headings and sub-headings but also in the body of the texts.  They should be used sporadically in the whole article.

2. SEO results are spontaneous. The belief is once one engages the SEO, it’s like waving the magic wand and there you are, the most visited site and you are on top of the search engine results.  This is hogwash!  You have to play your part and that includes having up-to-date information, i.e. you have to be offering people what people want and not what you think they should have.  Your site have to stand out from the crowd hence the need to spend a little more time and effort to improve on it.

3. It is costly to engage SEO.  We been told since we were young, nothing good comes for free.  You want something of quality you have to pay for it.  In this case, the expense is not that dear if you take into consideration the gradual improvement of traffic to your site.  This in turn impacts positively on the bottom line through savings from future advertisement costs.

4. SEO only deals with onsite improvements.  SEO does more than just modifying your website onsite.

5. Hoodwinking clients.  There are no tricks being played by SEO.  The results in terms of improvements on your website are real and can be judged by the number of visitors to your site.  Your site’s chances of being picked up by search engines are actually upped in the ranks.

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